Self Defense

Road Rage and Self Defense

Road Craze as well as Self Protection – Attorney Marc J. Victor and also Self Protection professional John Correia from Active Self Security talk about a road craze incident captured on dashcam. The video being gone over can be seen right here:

Mr. Victor has effectively represented clients in many top-level and limelights cases; including representing Elizabeth Johnson in the across the country televised “Baby Gabriel” instance. Mr. Victor has actually been quoted in your area, nationally and also worldwide on radio, tv, in print, and personally as a legal analyst as well as specialist on numerous neighborhood and national cases. He was a professional legal analyst for neighborhood NBC 12 News for the Jodi Arias situation.

John Correia is the creator of Active Self Protection and also a weapons specialist that has been educating people in all profession to establish the attitude, skills and plan to defend themselves as well as their households from injury. John travels throughout the country teaching practical self-defense, and defensive methods, focusing especially on those who make use of weapons in their self-defense toolkit.

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