Personal Safety

SABRE Red Pepper Spray & Personal Alarm Safety Kit – Police Strength Pepper Spray & LOUD 120 dB Keychain Personal Alarm

POWERFUL PROTECTION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS-Have the most powerful pepper spray available in your grasp, coupled with an attention-grabbing 120 dB alarm both from the industry’s most trusted source

PROTECTION AGAINST MULTIPLE THREATS AT A SAFE DISTANCE-SABRE Pepper spray contains 25 bursts (up to 5x other brands) at up to 10 feet (3 m) away

AMPLIFIES YOUR CALL FOR HELP-120 dB, re-usable, dual siren alarm calls for assistance in an emergency and can even help deter & frighten off an attacker. Simply pull & replace keychain pin to turn on/off

EASY ACCESS, EASY-TO-USE ON-THE-GO SAFETY-Attach to your keys, bag, or backpack and be prepared to defend yourself and alert others should danger occur

GREATER VALUE-Get both great personal security tools with this convenient combo pack, two great personal security tools for one low price

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