Self Defense

SDS Concept – Self-defense with daily objects

S.D.S. Concept is a full and also independent system. It will help you to as a result defend on your own versus both armed and also unarmed assaults, but additionally contains addiction- and also transport-techniques as well as nerve-pressure-techniques. S.D.S.-Concept is a very different and vibrant system which makes it ideal for every person’s self-protection requirements. The techniques made use of in S.D.S.-Concept are extremely flexible, allowing the customer to defend himself after a relatively brief duration of learning.

SAMI Combat Systems (SAMICS)– Martial Arts, Selfdefense and Sports Training!

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SAMI is a house learning martial art network on Youtube!

SAMI shows you:

– training suggestions
– ideas for your training
– inspirations for your training
– fighting style method
– fitness tutorials
– self-defense pointers and also methods
– road combating strategies
– gun and also weapon training
– Panantukan training
– Knife training
– Stick training
– Tomahawk training
– protection with daily objects