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Self Defense Against Wild Punches – Blind Defense Strategy

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What do you do when you are blinded, have zero exposure, or you are ambushed as well as blindsided?
You do not have time to block due to the fact that you currently obtained hit …

Here’s just how to utilize Self Defense Against Wild Punches.

Discover the blind protection technique. Discover how to counter attack a wild strike as well as do a hostile protection at the exact same time.

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David Wong is among the world’s uncommon influencers who has actually taken the personal journey of change of his spirit, mind and body.

He came down with a persistent disease for which conventional medication had no remedy – with the only response being to take drug for the rest of his life … which unfortunately had unwanted adverse effects.

He rejected to accept that as the only solution as well as looked for holistic techniques to treat his illness. After trying virtually every method he could, some functioned to a degree, some really did not work at all, however none worked so well that he was able to say that he was entirely cured. That was up until he ultimately discovered an unknown tool developed by an underground inventor.

After much testing, he integrated this new innovation with taoist qi gong technique (converted literally as “energy job” from Chinese) with electro-magnetic regularity technology and also finally cured himself from the disease that he experienced for numerous years.

Today, in order to assist others accomplish their highest possible potential, he is the designer of the Life Force Harmonizer ™, a personal transformational gadget based on NASA-proven innovation that integrates multi-disciplinary scientific researches with each other right into one human performance enhancement system.

His Life Force Harmonizer ™ system is ground splitting as it mixes the old taoist concepts with clinical research study on body-electrics, hereditary shows and modern technology assisted brainwave improvement.

He continuously deals with scientists, spiritual leaders, wellness experts and also fighting styles masters and has actually discovered that “life pressure” is the crucial to wellness for your mind as well as body, a balanced way of life, joy and also your ability to materialize your ideas right into truth and also draw in prosperity.

Having actually exercised reflection because 10 years old, he comes from a family members with a deep martial arts heritage and also has the capability to manipulate electro-magnetic power with his qi gong training. In additional to being a 3rd generation Bruce Lee trainee and additionally 3rd Generation Ip Man Student, he has examined with numerous fighting styles masters from worldwide.

It is his passion as well as life goal to constantly stretch his limitations to attain super-human wellness, knowledge and success while mentoring pupils at the same time that are browsing to alter their own lives.

To begin your own trip, attend his upcoming webinar event.

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