Self Defense

Self Defense for Women

ETKM trainer Holli Bushnell makes use of the principles of Krav Maga to eliminate the threat from this enemy. The principles she adhered to were to 1) Resolve the instant risk (she produced a base with her feet and also drove her hips away) 2) Assault simultaneously (she struck the groin to ensure she took place the offense immediately) 3) Comply with up with strikes till the risk is reduced the effects of (she never gave up striking up until she felt she was risk-free to create distance).

When discussing Self Defense for Women, or for anybody for that matter, having a “TAKE ACTION” frame of mind is crucial. Recognizing self defense methods as well as how you can attract your tool is something. To have the clearheadedness to make use of objects to your advantage and also deploying hand guns under tension is an entire other level. You have to enter the experience with a frame of mind that YOU ARE THE WEAPON, as well as your going to use all the devices around you to neutralize this threat. Our Armed Citizen Tactics program lead by Ray Barron of Freedom Defense training along side our Krav Maga training gives the around training environment. Our students see unlimited demanding situations and also trouble solve utilizing the concepts, techniques, and strategies taught in these training courses. It’s far better to train and prepare for the worst prior to it every happens.

We entirely recognize this issue and also will concentrate on creating our pupils from where ever there are on day one. From Novice to Elite SWAT or Special Forces, from 9 year old youth to 60+ year old grand parents.- Imi Lichtenfeld (Founder of Krav Maga).

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