Self Defense

Self Defense in Germany: OK or No-No?

A common belief is that Germans are not allowed to protect themselves. That could not be more incorrect. In truth, Germany has one of the most uncompromising, intense self defense regulations you can possibly visualize.

If anyone unjustifiably assaults your life, body, liberty, belongings and even your honor, you are completely qualified to stand your ground and also quit that assaulter with any kind of methods readily available to you. This also encompasses attacks versus others – you are entitled to step in and fight versus the wrongdoer(s).

You can also utilize illegal weapons in a self-defense scenario. You may be charged for illegal property, but except whatever you involved the tool to quit the assailant.

Naturally there are many “Ifs” and “Whens” that use, yet still the legislation is clear. The video has a great deal of examples and also details.

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