Self Defense

Self Defense Keychain | Brutus® the Bulldog!!!

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Episode 13 – Self Defense Keychain | Brutus® the Bulldog!!!

Today we talk self defense. You can never be too careful out there. It’s a crazy world we live in and it’s a good idea to take some precautions. Unless you know Kung Fu, or are carrying a pistol, simply yelling for help does not always….help so to speak.

Meet Brutus the self defense keychain! This little sucker means business! Works similar to the old illegal brass knuckles. It works by sliding over two of your fingers. Then you make a fist and it’s ready to go whenever you are. Simply punch the attacker as your normally would and they will feel your wrath I’m telling you!

Made out of hardened space age plastic, Brutus self defense keychain is one strong mutha. It has two sharp pointer ears that is what drives into the attacker when you punch them with it.

Brutus has a keychain loop as it is indeed marketed as a “keychain.” However, I used it for one week and carried it around with the rest of my keys and cannot say it was that pleasant. Especially when they are in your back pocket and you sit down. Those sharp ears in your bum are no go.

Brutus retails for about $5.99 most places online. Some will charge for shipping, others will not. I did buy a large quantity of them and was selling them on eBay for a while. Until eBay revised their policy on brass knuckles type keychain devices and banned me from selling them

However, if you are interested, I do still have about 50 left. And for $4 shipped I will send you one. Just message me your address and I will send you a PayPal invoice. I apologize if I am out when you contact me. I do not plan to purchase anymore after this batch is gone.

Thanks for tuning into this weeks episode and I will see you all very soon!