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Okay so now we’re going to talk regarding pressure factors in self-defense situations.

Like initially, I would love to clarify that there are a lot of pressure factors Okay? The word stress points recommends that you need to push it however not every one of them you are going to press, you can strike something and also you can actually scrub those points, so it’s not only against stress, Okay? That’s extremely important.

The second crucial point that you have to understand is that there are like, these things the best ways to push some points as well as knock some out. Actually that’s most likely not going to happen due to the fact that you have to be really specific.

So exactly what I’m going to do is I’m mosting likely to explain to you today, three points, 3 fundamental points where you can utilize them in self-defense as targets by striking them, by rubbing them and even pushing them, Okay? So, I’m mosting likely to deal with Mariposa, so the first stress point that we are going to find is really simple, when she flexes her arm, we see the line of flection, Okay?

We’re going to determine on the in, three fingers, Okay, 3 fingers from the inside, as well as we’re going to do the fourth one, the pressure factor, Okay? So once more, three factors and the 4th is going to be the pressure point. You are going to push and also look at her face, that’s just how she will react usually, Okay?

Once again, you can utilize it, not only by pressing the point, simply visualize that you’re going to grab me, this is an actual situation, she’s threatening me, she’s pressing me away so just what I’m going to do is I’m going to get as well as I’m going to let it go, Okay? Once again, press the factor and also let it go. I’m not just mosting likely to use by pressing, I can additionally utilize this by punching this part, extremely easy.

Envision that she’s mosting likely to punch me, I redirect and at the very same time I punch that spot, Okay? That’s crucial that you know that not only can be pushed but it can be struck and even, exactly what I was claiming, it can be rubbed, you rub the point, Okay and also it created much more discomfort, Okay? Essential, careful when you’re exercising with your companion, Okay?

The second point that we’re going to see today is going to be situated on the knee, Okay? We’re going to see the knee cap, we’re going to go from the inside, 4 fingers up as well as now we’re going to press to that side, Okay? Okay, that’s what we’re going to obtain, Okay?

We’re going to go once more to the leg yet this time we’re going to go above the ankle joint, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to find it and also then we’re going to go 4 fingers up and also after that we’re going to make use of the fifth as a point, Okay, and we’re going to press. That’s exactly how we’re going to really feel, Okay? You can strike all of them, not just press them, Okay?

And also that’s how you normally utilize stress points in a real situation.