Personal Safety

Self Defense Stun Gun, Gahira Lu 680,000,000 Heavy Duty Rechargeable Tactical Stun Guns with Led Flashlight for Men and Women Self-Defense

This multi-functional self defense stun gun embodies all the necessary features of personal security combined with a daily flashlight.

Powerful Stun Gun With LED Flashlight for Self Defense. Easy to carry size.(6.5″ x 2″ x 1″)Safety switch prevents accidental discharge,includes rechargeable battery and cord included.

The stun gun flashlight function is not limited to giving sufficient light if you are in a dark place but you can temporarily blind your attacker.And you don’t have to press the switch all the time to keep the light on.

Just test firing this stun gun into the air is often enough to stop an attacker. As the bright electric current pulsates between the test prongs and creates an intimidating electrical sound, an attacker with any sense at all will be stopped in his tracks.

We not only offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and have one year hassle-free warranty and first-class customer service.100% after-sales guarantee,not satisfied 100% money-back guarantee.

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