Self Defense

SELF DEFENSE TECHNIQUES: Simple Self Defense Moves That Could Save Your Life!

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Self Defense

Do not Have To Spend 10 years discovering unlimited types and also “dances” to be able to use stress self defense methods properly.

In Fact You Can Be Come Capable and extremely skilled of Protecting Yourself in a VERY Short time When You Follow The Combat Kyushojitsu Training Method We Will be Sharing With You During This FREE Pressure Point Self Defense Seminar!

The Precise as well as Deliberate use pressure factors of the body.

In this amazing FREE Introduction to the art and scientific research of stress factor battling you will promptly uncover the precise methods to:.

– Use Pressure Points And Other Body Weaknesses To Escape from any hold.

– Increase the effectiveness your personal martial art technique by as Much As 80%.

– Gain much more self confidence in your capability to use your personal art much more properly.

– Learn How to Put Down a larger stronger challenger FAST.

– How to make use of emotional pressure factors and also battle hypnosis to defeat your aggressor.

– How to use skeletal pressure points to easily make your enemy fail on his face or back.

– Knock out, seriously wound or otherwise incapacitate your challenger with relatively very light.

– Secret pressure point assaults that leave no visible marks as well as therefore no proof of wrong doing.

The bottom line is this: If you aren’t utilizing stress points in your art, in most cases your not using half the power as well as effectiveness you could be having.

It doesn’t matter if you study martial arts.

This seminar is secure, fun and also simple introduction to the deadly and old art of pressure point self-defense.

We will certainly take you detailed into the why, exactly how as well as what of using stress points and how you can integrate this secret knowledge into what ever before art you practice, as a matter of fact even if you have no experience in the fighting styles you will promptly as well as easily learn how you can use these methods to secure on your own and your enjoyed ones.


Self Defense