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best self defense tools legal in New York City

Highly reliable, ease to utilize, the ARMA-100 supplies the choice for stopping hazards from a risk-free distance without creating harmful injury. Safer than electric shock tools (i.e. Stun Gun/ Taser) it will help any person protect themselves or their family members wether out on the road, boating or at house. With the lanyard it is similar to lugging around an umbrella. Simply like when you are bring you umbrella you really feel secure that if a tornado all of a sudden appears you will certainly have defense so with the ARMA-100 you will have that security prepared when you require it.

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ARMA 100 Non-Lethal Weapon Personal Protection Device
– Car Jacking Protection
– Home Invasion Protection
– Protection Against Spousal Abuse
– Animal Deterrent
Personal Self Defense
– Fire Safety and also Emergency Assistance
Legal in all 50 states even D.C.
Unfortunately, it does not matter where you live; in society today, everybody requires an individual defense device females and men. The ARMA 100 has actually shown to be an efficient, simple self-defense weapon.
When required to protect against an attacker, an animal, or simply to help somebody else in need; a much less deadly weapon, such as the ARMA 100 is the front runner for many.
When searching for a non-lethal tool to use as protection, the ARMA 100 is a feasible service to the uncertainty of lugging a weapon. It has actually been securely utilized as well as tested as a non-lethal cops tool for over two decades.
This powerful as well as very resilient protection weapon has actually been specifically created to harm a trespasser and also discourage, while attempting to prevent a fatal impact. ARMA is a certified distributor of other self-defense products also, including Mace and also pepper sprays.
In addition to our protection weapons and also self-defense products, we supply a large line of personal security tools, including residence safety and security devices.
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ARMA gives the very best alternative to dangerous pressure duration. The ARMA-100 is developed to provide extremely effective tear down pressure without the risk and also responsibility of other and also lethal non lethal types of protection.

Israel Hernandez Dies After Being Tasered By Miami Beach Police For Graffiti
A Miami Beach teenager died Tuesday after being surprised with a taser in the breast after authorities detected him painting graffiti on a vacant structure.
Israel Hernandez, 18, was a skateboarder and also musician that “intended to change the globe in some way via art,” his sis, Offir Hernandez, informed the Miami Herald.
Miami Beach Police stated they found Hernandez identifying a deserted lunch counter simply after 5 a.m Tuesday early morning near 71st Street at Collins Avenue.
A chase occurred entailing “over half a loads” officers, according to New Times.
” During the foot pursuit, the subject come across policemans encounter to encounter … as well as disregarded policemans’ commands to stop,” MBPD Chief Raymond Martinez said in a statement. “In order to affect his arrest, a police officer released his performed electrical weapon (TASER).”.
Hernandez’s pals Felix Fernandez as well as Thiago Souza claimed they were working as hunts when he was detected by authorities. They informed WSVN officers pushed Hernandez against a wall surface, then high-fived as he lay stationary.
” That made me feel horrible within. These polices are gruesome, and they don’t truly care,” Fernandez claimed.
self defense weapons available ARMA’s Mission.
The goal of ARMA USA is to conserve lives via precision technology, providing self protection weapons that are premium in top quality, efficiency as well as simplicity of use.
We plan to blaze a trail in research study, growth, manufacturing and also the sale of ARMA items for use as non deadly self protection tools, and also rescue life conserving gadgets.