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Electric Stun Gun Flashlight OC Pepper Spray Self Defense Kit

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Best Self Defense Weapons Kit With One Multi-Function Electric Stun Gun, Bright Flashlight And Personal Panic Alarm Combination Weapon. Together with.5 oz Canister Of Police Grade Pepper Spray Keychain. The Self-Defense Products Bundle Includes Both A Rechargeable Stun Gun And Pocket OC Pepper Spray Keychain.

The U-Guard Security Products self-defense non deadly personal defense kit gadgets are made to defend as well as keep you secure. In the weapons package is a high volt maximum amp leading rated multi-feature electric stun gun with built-in battery and also battery charger, 120 lumen LED flashlight, and personal 120db loud siren panic alarm. Sturdy lightweight bent contoured rubber coated hold fits all size hands. Portable stun gun dimension (5″ long x 1.75″ vast x 1″ thick).

It likewise consists of maximum stamina 1/2 oz 3D pocket pepper spray keychain. Made from a 18% OC regulation enforcement formula hot red pepper oc pepper spray with armed forces cs tear gas and uv Invisible color to assist identify an attacker.

Both protection products consisted of are leading options as self protection tools for women and men. Order your self defense set today by clicking the web link above or to get even more information. The electric stun weapon color alternatives are black, pink, purple or carbon fiber pattern and include a Lifetime Warranty!

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