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Situational Awareness in Self Defense

It is very simple to obtain utilized to training inside the safety and security of the Dojo. We practice with ready companions, we have safety and security training devices as well as generally cushioned floorings. As it is very easy to take the “convenience” of the Dojo setup for approved we need to maintain in mind simply exactly how different scenarios can play out “in the street”. There are numerous factors in the atmospheres (city streets, bars, various other public places) that can guide the end result of a fight; in your support … or theirs.

In this video we’ll take around various point of views and numerous safety practices to make right into practices so that you can be prepared if something were to happen.

If you like this video on situational awareness, please allow us know in the remarks and also we will certainly do further video clip failures of particular atmospheres with techniques as well as suggestions.

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