Small rant. I work at

Small rant.
I work at a grocery store. My supervisor, a middle age woman by the name May, often times leaves at midnight. Lately she’s had severe problems with a man waiting for her to leave, and on one night followed her home. I’ve gone as far as giving her one of my pocket knives just in case, despite the fact her son now picks her up every night she stays late.

Tonight, another cashier was staying late (past midnight). I don’t like this girl one bit. Upon getting my phone number, I would get invited to hang out with her multiple times a day and I eventually told her to go away basically. But tonight, I told her that I was leaving right at midnight and I would walk her to her car. She insisted she would be fine. I told her to be extremely careful and to not hesitate on getting a nightstock worker to escort her out if anything looks suspicious.
Then, furthermore. Upon walking out the front door, I stood for about five minutes just to make sure nobody was in the parking lot. Our supervisor came out to smoke a cigarette and I told him. “Make sure she gets to her car safe and she knows to say something if anything seems suspicious”

Honestly, what I’m getting at is.
I may not like someone. But no matter what, if I know there’s a potential danger, I’ll do everything I can to know they stay safe. I don’t want someone I know to end up missing or worse and be able to say “I could’ve prevented that”