Personal Safety

Sonic Security Personal Alarm Keychain with LED Flashlight (5 Pack) – 130 dB – Loud Emergency Self Defense Device – Portable Siren for Women, Kids, the Elderly, and Night Workers

SAFETY IN YOUR POCKET – This handy personal alarm looks like an innocent car remote or bag décor, which makes it perfect for catching bad guys by surprise! Simply pull out the pin and let out the piercing sound to scare away attackers or attract help during an emergency.

GREAT TRAVEL BUDDY – This portable security alarm is less than 3 inches long! Keep one in your pocket, purse, luggage, or hook it onto your belt loop or ID lace for easy access.

LOUD AND LONG LASTING – Sonic Security alarm keychains emit a 130 dB alarm that can easily send perps into a panic. This device can sustain the sound for up to 40 minutes, giving ample time for help to arrive.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL – This device also has a built-in button-operated LED flashlight that’s powerful enough to shine around alleys and dark corners. It can also serve as a signal torch to supplement the alarm during emergencies.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Our personal alarms go through rigorous quality control before being shipped out. Should you find any problems with your unit, please contact us within 30 days to avail of the manufacturer’s money back guarantee, or within 1 year for a free replacement.

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