Self Defense

Stand Your Ground – Michael Drejka Killed Markeis McGlockton in Self-Defense – No, it’s NOT RACISM!


No, this isn’t Jim Crow…This isn’t racist, it isn’t even aggrivated murder – it was self-defense: plain and simple.

Why the majority of us minorities CANNOT figure this sh!t out is beyond me.

Tragic? This, of course, is VERY tragic. To have a son see his dad go like this. To have your partner watch this happen. I can’t fathom. I’ve been around death – we all will experience it – and we have to understand that (for the most part) we are going to choose how we want to go.

Some of us choose to make bad life choices (I know I do), but some more than others.

When there are rules, norms and laws we SHOULD be teaching all Americans about, but don’t (or some of us choose to not care or learn), then we get situations like this.

A couple of days ago in Flordida, Markeis McGlockton and his son were in a convenience store picking up snacks when a man – Michael Drejka – noticed the vehicle that Britany Jacobs was driving was situated in a handicap parking spot (do also notice ALL the OTHER parking spots open during this altercation) and informed the driver of the vehicle (Jacobs) that she shouldn’t be parking there. A possible loud and aggressive conversation was had by Jacobs and Drejka (all bystanders turned the direction of the altercation at different times throughout the footage). A male driver went in (after he held the door open for Ana Navarro) and possibly informed the clerk that people were arguing outside (which probably got the attention of Markeis McGlockton). McGlockton (leaving his son inside the store) walked out of the store towards the altercation, and aggressively pushed Drejka (that already merits self-defense and the authority/obligation to stand your ground). NOTE: It does appear that the man who was walking towards them behind McGlockton was either there to witness, help, or just act as mediator, and was approaching them – up until – Drejka took out a gun (to which McGlockton stepped back [but we’ve seen people ‘step back’ in multiple instances where it was fatal to the one being attacked]) and fired a shot into McGlockton’s chest. Michael McGlockton died about thirty minutes later. Drejka doesn’t appear to currently be facing any charges and Florida’s Stand Your Ground law was in his favor.

People are now demanding (sigh…) ‘JUSTICE’!

What the heck will pressing charges against Michael Drejka do? If successful, it would only help to ENCOURAGE punishment against people defending themselves!

No, this is a difficult lesson that needs to be LEARNED FROM. It’s something that – if we keep pushing validity of aggressive tactics over civility (while NOT understanding law) will only get worse for everyone. SELF-INFLICTED GENOCIDE will become a reality.

This is my take…