Retired Navy SEAL Shares 100 Deadly Skills

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Retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson shares a hands-on, sensible survival guide adjusted for private citizens from real unique pressures operations. Learn to thwart pursuers, evade capture, and also survive any kind of hazardous scenario. For extra handy links, see even more below: ► WATCH even more stories: ► CLICK to experience God’s love, function […]


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[shock_spots id=”7153″] Author: safetipin Before I start with this one, I’d like to apologize for my tardiness. The last few months have been incredibly busy- examinations, mastering the game of table tennis, training my hyperactive dog- made it impossible for me to sit down and think. The idea for this article in fact, came to […]

Small rant. I work at

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Author: wigglingwaffles Small rant.
I work at a grocery store. My supervisor, a middle age woman by the name May, often times leaves at midnight. Lately she’s had severe problems with a man waiting for her to leave, and on one night followed her home. I’ve gone as

This is how I learned to be badass

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[shock_spots id=”7153″] Author: devinkatie From the time I was three until I was eight I lived in Elko, NV with my family. My dad was the psychologist in a sea of gold miners, the town didn’t have a WalMart and if you wanted culture that had nothing to do with cowboys, well you better keep […]