Safety Talk #4 – West Point graduate / attorney discusses personal safety

Posted Posted in Personal Safety West Point grad and Houston based attorney Andrew Cobos joins the Safety Talk Podcast to discuss his military service and also a variety of safety and security concerns surrounding soldiers and also the general public. Andrew was released two times in Iraq and led a protection operation during the Iraqi Constitutional Referendum as well […]

Why KRAV Maga/’Self Defense’ DOESN’T work in STREET FIGHTS! Must SEE!

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ON-LINE DISTANCE DISCOVERING – FREE WEEK LONG TRIAL!! R.C.I. Official Training Gear – Merchandise & DVD Packages! Yojimbo Fight Gear – by Luke Holloway Luke Holloway Creator of Raw Combat International Personal Security & Survival Advisor See main site here: ASSOCIATION & INSTRUCTOR PROGRAMS AVAILABLE SEMINARS WORLD WIDE!!! Join our FACEBOOK […]

Anti-bullying Self Defense for Kids

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In this video I’m training my 8 year old trainee Justin ways to keep a bully at a distance and also comprehend the angles of assault. Mentor youngsters self protection will empower them and construct confidence. These are some fantastic drills to establish your flinch reaction and also reaction time. Your comments are constantly valued. […]