Tekrapod- An Open Water Personal Safety Device

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With patent-pending technology, Tekrapod is the initial open-water security tool, created specifically for open- water swimmers. Tekrapod is an open-water security device created by open-water swimmers. Its patent-pending innovation includes a seamless, flexible back-pack with light-weight internal bladder and effective strobe light. The Bladder can be triggered by drawing the red toggle. Elasticated bands with […]


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5 COOLEST SELF-DEFENSE GADGETS ► https://youtube.com/channel/UCO62AVOyfSy9gXyINfkgQKQ?sub_confirmation=1. For copyright issues please contact us at: titosaleksyt@gmail.com. EXCELLENT CONCEAL. American programmers have actually provided an uncommon tool – the Idea Conceal gun, disguised as a mobile phone. According to the creators of Idea Conceal, the weapon is excellent for both tool experts and also weapon amateurs. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEJIjKO7RFz-TSjp5tBzbAw/featured. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAMweJ7Ql0c. […]