The Best Personal Defense Tools and How to Use Them

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Sign Up With the CRKT Community: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: See the devices: Tactical Applications Flashlight: Williams Tactical Pen: Shizuka noh Ken folding knife: Formerly, this video clip was part of a giveaway that is now CLOSED. For reference, these are the official policies full: …

Is Your Pocket Knife Good for Self-Defense?

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We all very own EDC folding pocket blades. They serve us everyday as a device for routine jobs that need a portable blade. There is no rejecting that when provided the selection, a firearm is mosting likely to be the best equalizer that an individual can lug for self protection. A hidden hand gun is […]

Self-Defense: Tools of Attack DVD–Trailer

Posted Posted in Self Defense Self-Defense: Tools of Attack Club, Hatchet, Blackjack, Knife, Straight Razor This video clip shows method drills of an experienced road boxer. In several confrontations his techniques have never failed him. He reveals what is actual as well as how to experiment common street tools. Observe him to learn the appropriate strategies and also the […]