Crafting Personal Safety

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With simply our bare hands, can we prevent injury in a fight? Crafting Personal Safety – Simple, concise skills require to be deployed in a split second to respond to such occurrences. Discover Hapkido from trainers of LifeCraft Asia AUTHORITIES WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: Track: Rameses B – There For You [NCS Release] […]

boxing is good for self defense | Ali Hassan

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INSTAGRAM: … FACEBOOK: … YOUTUBE: … SNAPCHAT: … G-MAIL: This network additionally promote companies & brand names or availble for sponsorships, any query call me directly. ▶ Check out my equipment on Kit: It works for real-life self-defense circumstances. There have actually been many stories of boxers getting thugs […]

On the Christchurch Shooting | When Self Defense Is ‘Not a Valid Reason’

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