Professional Personal Training: MMA – Muay Thai – Escrima – Self Defense – Functional Fitness

Posted Posted in Self Defense JingShenKuoshu. John Duza has actually been showing martial arts for more than 25 years. Duza is an excellent option if you are looking to take your training to the following level. We are currently using Channel Member programs and Online Training programs. Participants will certainly get my upgraded video clips, be able to demand […]

The Importance of Kumite | Sparring vs. Self-Defense Techniques? | Advanced Martial Arts Training

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In this video clip, The Value of Kumite; Competing vs. Self-Defense Techniques, I clarify the difference between kumite (sparring) and also training in truth based self-defense (goshinjutsu). Among the best advantages that we can pick up from sparring is just how to regulate your mind and also feelings when you remain in an aggressive combative […]

Jiu-Jitsu Street Self-Defense in Boston

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Look into KnightJiuJitsu for extra thorough direction. While up in Boston this weekend as well as previously this week, Jared Jessup (2nd Degree RGJJN Black Belt) and I made this video in response to several demands concerning dealing with an aggressive person shoving you in the minutes preceding a prospective fight. This is someplace […]