Professional Personal Training: MMA – Muay Thai – Escrima – Self Defense – Functional Fitness

Posted Posted in Self Defense JingShenKuoshu. John Duza has actually been showing martial arts for more than 25 years. Duza is an excellent option if you are looking to take your training to the following level. We are currently using Channel Member programs and Online Training programs. Participants will certainly get my upgraded video clips, be able to demand […]

More NRA Shenanigans, Florida Teachers Can Arm, Self Defense Shoutouts!

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Today saw more info on the questionable practices of the NRA’s leadership emerged, a just recently passed expense in Florida will permit much more armed instructors, plus self protection shoutouts! Have a look at our Influencer Store for gear we utilize as well as suggest!: Take A Look At Budget Guns and Gear Reviews […]

The Importance of Kumite | Sparring vs. Self-Defense Techniques? | Advanced Martial Arts Training

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In this video clip, The Value of Kumite; Competing vs. Self-Defense Techniques, I clarify the difference between kumite (sparring) and also training in truth based self-defense (goshinjutsu). Among the best advantages that we can pick up from sparring is just how to regulate your mind and also feelings when you remain in an aggressive combative […]