Self Defense

Taijiquan Self Defense: cross hands

We teach a full as well as integrated system including hand forms, press hands, self protection, weapons and also nei kung. If you wish to train with Shi San Shi International personally watch out for Othmar Vigl’s workshops and also workshops worldwide. Contact us through our internet site if you desire to discover this training system and be a member or component of our teacher group.

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*** Disclaimer ***

Do not attempt anything you see in this video clip without the guidance of an effectively certified martial arts and/or self support teacher.

Concerning self defence and legislation: examine your regional state and also metropolitan laws

Please note that Shi San Shi International as well as anyone or company showcased in this video and/or involved in producing, in addition to publishing this video are exempt in any fashion whatsoever for any kind of damage or injury of any kind of kind that may arise from practicing, or applying, the concepts, suggestions, techniques and/or complying with the instructions/information defined and/or showed in this video clip.

Considering that the exercises showcased in this video could be also arduous in nature for some viewers/people to participate in safely, it is necessary that a physician be gotten in touch with before embarking on any type of training.

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