Self Defense

Taijiquan Self Defense: separate feet

We teach a incorporated as well as full system including hand kinds, press hands, self defence, nei as well as weapons kung. If you wish to train with Shi San Shi International personally watch out for Othmar Vigl’s workshops as well as seminars worldwide. Call us via our website if you desire to learn this training system and also be a member or component of our instructor group.

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*** Disclaimer ***

Do not try anything you see in this video clip without the supervision of an effectively qualified martial arts and/or self defence instructor.

About self protection and legislation: check your regional state as well as community legislations

Please note that Shi San Shi International as well as any individual or company featured in this video clip and/or entailed in generating, along with releasing this video clip are not accountable in any type of fashion whatsoever for any damages or injury of any kind that may arise from practising, or using, the principles, suggestions, techniques and/or adhering to the instructions/information demonstrated and/or defined in this video.

Given that the physical activities included in this video clip might be too arduous in nature for some viewers/people to involve in safely, it is essential that a physician be consulted before carrying out any type of training.

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