Personal Safety

Tekrapod- An Open Water Personal Safety Device

With patent-pending technology, Tekrapod is the initial open-water security tool, created specifically for open- water swimmers.

Tekrapod is an open-water security device created by open-water swimmers. Its patent-pending innovation includes a seamless, flexible back-pack with light-weight internal bladder and effective strobe light. The Bladder can be triggered by drawing the red toggle.

Elasticated bands with silicone grippers, offers a tight fit that doesn’t chafe also in skins.
Most recent laminated neoprene, guarantees a comfy, neutrally buoyant, race lawful tool.
Straightforward to trigger, with a big red pull toggle.
Back installed strobe light, for included visibility in the water.
Basic velcro fastner to guarantee the internal bladder continues to be hidden until you require it.
Adjustable bands, makes certain that the Tekrapod fits all dimensions from XXS to XXL.
Structured front closure is perfect as well as hydrodynamic for surfers that lay upper body down on boards.