Self Defense

Top 5 Self Defense Strikes


Joint Strike Tutorial:
Thai Kicks Tutorial:

Leading 5 Self Defense Strikes

Hand Heel Strike:
You’re gon na be leading with the bottom part of your palm.
Your target location is the nose.
When you toss it just thrust your arm in the direction of the nose leading with the bottom part of your palm.

Joint Strike:
First pick your back elbow up
Take the point of your joint as well as drive it down on your target.
As you drive it down relocate your body into it so you get one of the most power.

Knee Strike: From your combating stance you are going to bring your back knee up with your knee cap pointed straight at your target.
While you do this you have to thrust your hips onward so you obtain one of the most power.

Leg Kick: From your battling stance take your front foot as well as tip it out to the side.
Currently all you are mosting likely to do is hit them in the leg with your shin. When you do this you intend to see to it you pivot your foot and your hips.

Groin Kick(Nutcracker): This is one of the most efficient as well as most convenient strikes to land. All you require to do is select your knee up and snap your leg out.