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What to do After Your First Strike – Self Defense Tips

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In our self-defense video clips, we frequently educate how reliable the very first strike can be when a street battle can not be pacified. That’s because when you strike initially, you could totally shock your attacker as well as have a benefit in the run-in with the first momentum.

However, not all opponents have the exact same pain resistance. That said, you have to be ready for points not going your way. In other words, you should prepare in situation your descent on doesn’t go as planned.

A great way to address this difficulty, is to go done in with your initial strike and also to instantly subsequent with other devastating strikes until the threat is over.

You can strike your assailant with strong joint strikes, knee strikes, palm strikes as well as various other powerful strikes such as bicep pops, hammer clenched fists, etc. Anything that can quit your opponent from coming at you.

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