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What to Do If Assailant Grabs Your Hair | Self-Defense

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How you can get away from a situation when a person is ordering or pulling your hair.

I have here Mariposa, and also have generally two means I could pull, if I put my hand on top of her head and I draw towards myself, or if I draw her to the side. This is the second way.

It does not matter just what circumstance. If she does that, the very first response must be, please, order my hair.

It would be just place my hand on top of her. If she tries to draw me, now I’m safe.

The issue when you don’t do that is that drawing the hair, when you don’t do that, I could pull her hair. I can move her hand. Yet when I pull that, I can not draw the hair. I will certainly relocate her head, yet not the hair.

That is the very first point we should bear in mind. She aimed to pull my hair, boom, promptly I aim to put my hand on top.

After that, I’m going to punch her arm. When she gets me, I’m going to strike her.

At the same time, I’m going to knee her. Boom. Again, she grabs me, boom, boom, this is one, two.

I’m going to do, really gradually, the very same thing. Try to draw her, but she is going to place her hand on top of mine. Again, if I try to draw, she still has control of that.

Then, today she’s mosting likely to punch this spot. She can punch in this manner, I’m going to place it on this side so you could see the strike as well, punch exactly this way or you can utilize your knuckles, really safe. Precisely that point, where once again, this is the line of deflexion. Three fingers up. The fourth would be this spot.

Boom. Boom. If I’m getting her side, the very same principle.

After that, knee, boom, to the groin. Once more, boom, nice. Again, boom, wonderful.

When somebody is attempting to pull your hair, that’s just how you escape securely from a self-defense setting.