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Women Self Defense: Survival Mindset [Live Example]

This video clip becomes part of a social experiment we are finishing with various women. Subscribe to my channel:

The function of this project is to test women’s capability to safeguard themselves against a harmful aggressor. With these video clips, we shall be providing you suggestions on ways to strike back as well as leave from your opponent.

In this video clip, we are showing just what is recommended that you do if ever before you obtain pinned down on the ground by an assaulter wishing to capitalize on you. A young female by the name of Sandra has offered to assist us with our experiment.

As Sandra showed in the video clip, the minute that your opponent has pinned you down and ordered your hands, the initial thing you should do is bring your knees up. It is important that you do this relocation. If not, you will have more problem getting your adversary off of you.

Afterwards, she did an outstanding grappling activity the “dollar and roll” and also procured her opponent under her. She started to punch him at his ribs once she handled to do that!

Sandra did an excellent task! Also after 5 years of not having done any type of self-defense courses, she can protecting herself against her opponent. This shows that also a tiny workshop in self-defense can help you learn to shield yourself against anyone.

All those little pointers and tricks that you discover will follow you for the remainder of your life, which is an extremely great thing if ever before there comes a time when you will have to utilize them.

We state in numerous of our videos that it is excellent to palm strike, it’s not necessary. If your impulse is to use your clenched fist to assault, it isn’t really a poor point.

As you might have discovered if you compared this video to the other ones, Sandra reacted quite in a different way from the remainder of our female volunteers. She recognized the best ways to use her body, what stance to have, and also how you can strike back. All this from simply one self-defense workshop!

Something you need to bear in mind is that your opponent will most likely rule out you a threat if you’re a female. So use this to your benefit, much like Sandra did! Vasil was not expecting her whatsoever to be able to safeguard herself, let alone strike back!

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Stay Safe & Stand Strong,
Nick Drossos