Self Defense

Women’s Self Defense Ground Defense | Protecting Yourself From Being Mounted And Pinned

Female’s Self Protection|Ground Protection:

In this video clip we demonstrate a ground protection strategy for females. This is a terrific counter action for an individual being determined or for rape prevention where the person is typically pinned to the ground.

In this demo Sifu Phu reveals what occurs when a guy places a woman as well as pins her pass on and also what she could do to counter this.

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We teach Ngo Dac Na a system of energy & physics concepts that can be put on any kind of design to improve it as these concepts make dimension, strength and also age a non problem. It’s all regarding chi and the physics of the body. These concepts can be made use of solo or with your favorite style. We show Qigong, Tai Chi, Chin Na, Wing Chun, C.O.R.E. Training, Ground Fighting and also Women’s Self-Defense all filteringed system with the NDN concepts created from Sifu Phu Ngo and his family members’s teachings.

Sifu Larry Rivera and also Sije Jamie Pelaez created Enter Shaolin as a labor of love to be able to bring Sifu Phu’s excellent instructors to those all over the world.

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