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Youtube report for Games Aug 23 2018

Youtube report for Games Aug 23 2018

Hello everyone! After helping out the different houses within Kul Tiras, we are summoned by
Genn Greymane who has not forgotten about Lady Jaina Proudmoore who’s been missing
ever since we arrived.
“Champion, You have helped to unite the Kul Tirans and gained their support to the
alliance. Perhaps now you might be able to help reunite a mother with her daughter. Meet
me at the family memorial by Proudmoore Keep. With luck we can convince Lord Admiral Proudmoore
to grant her daughter a stay of execution.”
“I don’t know what to do daelin. I don’t know what to believe in…who to trust. Priscilla,
the greatest friend of my heart…has stabbed me in it. I have nothing…no one…left…”
“You have Jaina” “Jaina betrayed the kingdom.”
“Jaina did nothing but follow her heart. And she’s suffered for that. She’s suffering
even more now, isn’t she?” “I see her…in my dreams. Gen…She’s
burning.” “Katherine, she’s calling you to you…You
must go to her.” “It’s too late for that.”
“IF you can hear her, then it’s not too late. I would give anything to hold my boy
again. YOu’ve been given one more chance. Take it. Bring her home.”
Genn knows what it’s like to lose a child as his son Liam took an arrow from the banshee
queen that was intended for him. Katherine has a change of heart after sending her daughter
away, but she has no idea what exactly priscilla has done with her. We check out priscilla’s
parlor where we find a shipping contract on the table and Emery Cramden, the ashvane’s
accountant who’s not too happy with us going through his stuff.
“Time is running out and all we have to go on is a contract that priscilla made with
some brigands out of Freehold! She hired pirates to execute my daughter, Genn! Pirates! The
scum of the sea!” “Think about this katherine, it may actually
be good news.” “How can you possibly believe that?”
“The contract was to move Jaina somewhere, not to kill her outright. Perhaps they have
yet to arrive at their destination Katherine. You may not be too late.”
“I…Youu may be right, Genn. But even if that’s true, we are left with scant clues
to work from.” “If the pirates sailed out of Freehold,
we may find more information there. And I think I know someone who can help us.”
“Lady katherine has you looking for her daughter ey? Well lets see what this contract
has to say about where she went. Maybe there’s something in the fine print…”
“COntract for services is hereby made by ashvane, etc. Ugh who writes this stuff? Description
of services, the carrier will supply to the client. Blah, blah, blah… Ten pages of security
measures. twenty pages of liablity conditions… More definitions, more terms of service…legal
mumbo-jumbo that would never hold up in court unless the judge were crooked…”
“Ahh come on, where are you shipping jaina off to? Guess they didn’t dare reveal her
destination, even in the mess of legalese and double-talk. But I bet I know where they
stashed that information.”
The contract is riddled with legal mumbo jumbo but it does confirm that ashvane was doing
business with the Irontide, who were originally part of Flynn’s crew. After a messy job
and a falling out with his first mate Harlan Sweete, flynn left them too which Sweete took
the nasties of their crew and formed the Irontide Raiders. He then went about recruiting other
pirate groups under his sails, even allied with Lady Ashvane, but we already took his
life within Freehold. Now we must return to find the information we need, information
that would only be stored within Sweete’s personal strongbox. With Taelia giving us
support from the sky equiped with stolen Azerite grenades, we go through the pirate town and
collect the 3 keys we need to get to our booty.
“Ahh, here we are. Harlan Sweete’s strongbox.” “Four locks? Four!? Well played, Harlan.
Well played.”
“I assure you my plan is brilliant. We just need to grab the chest…”
“And make a dramatic escape! And by that I mean ‘jump off the cliff to safety
Come on!” “Taelia! We could use a pickup here!”
No taelia in the sky lol, welp here we go Thanks talia
“Why don’t I ever get to be the one actually riding the gryphon?”
“Hang on they’re firing at us!” “Hanging on is all I can do at the moment!”
Pew pew pew pew pew fireworks “I’ll fly low and try to lose them! Down
Galeheart.” “Not too low, not too low!”
“I can’t shake the last one” “Shake harder! Wait…not too hard!”
“There are a few grandes left champion. Let them have it!”
“Hey! Careful where you’re throwing those things!”
“Bridgeport is just ahead! We’ll land there!”
“Right. While our friend pays a visit to Tol Dagor, we should get this chest to Boralus.
Make room Taelia. I’m riding your gryphon on an actual seat this time.”
“We’ll head back to the city. But first, Galeheart needs a bit of rest. I don’t want
to run my sweet girl ragged. She’s had to carry a heavy load today.”
“Fine, fine. We’ll pick up some fish for the wonderbird and give her a breather before
we head back. Hang on…did you just mkae a crack about my weight? I was carrying a
very important chest, you know!” “Well you could have ditched that ratty
old coat of yours, Flynn. ” “Blasphemy!”
Harlan was smart enough to add another lock to the chest, but this is one also used by
the ashvane company. Resists lockpicks like nothing else, but does have a standard skeleton
key. A key we can find within the prison complex of tol dagor, one quick trip later and we’re
ready to find out what’s in the box.
“Ah there’s the brave hero! See, I told you our friend would be just fine Taelia.
She’s such a worrier.” “Hang on ! I wasn’t the one who…
We’re both glad you’re back safely.”
“Right. Lets get this chest open. One last lock. Here’s hoping it’s not booby trapped.
Well what do ya didn’t explode!” “That’s usually a good sign. What’s
inside?” “Gold, gems, treasure maps, ransom notes.
My oh my, harlem was a naughty naughty boy. Enough evidence to put him away for life.
But since he’s dead, I guess he doesn’t need to worry about that anymore. Ah, here
we are. Ohhh this is bad. This is very bad. They shipped her off to fates end. No wonder
ashvane couldn’t get her people to go. That place is terrifying.”
“Fate’s end…not how i’d choose to go out, that’s for sure. Please extend my
sincere condolences to Lady Katherine.” “Don’t say that, flynn. We have to hold
out hope that lady jaina could still be alive!” “The island is called Fate’s end, Taelia.
Not fate’s hope.” “Well, if anyone can bring her back from
that awfull place. I’d bet on this hero.” “Placing wagers now, are we? For shame!
Wht ever would Cyrus say?” “Flynn, you know what I mean. For lady katherine’s
sake, I pray you’re wrong.” “Yeah. Me too.”
“Champion what have you found? Where was Jaina taken? Tell me i’m not too late.”
“Fate’s end is an island off the coast of stormsong. The worst criminals and traitors
are taken there, never to return. Only the tidesages can approach it safely, and Ashvane
would have had no trouble compelling them to bring Jaina to its shores. She was afterall,
acting on my orders.””
We’re not going to give up hope that easily, despite no one ever coming back from fate’s
end. We’ll just have to make sure that Jaina is the first, but too get there we’ll need
the aid of the tidesages, we need the aid of our ally brother pike. Yet things with
the tidesages are not entirely fixed as there are still enslaved elementals and fallen tidesages
that roam the area. They’ll just have to be taken care of as we need a ritual knife,
lantern and robes to help Pike with getting us to the island and the elementals power
to break through the dark energies that the fallen tidesagess have placed on the scroll
of ritual of safe passage. The scroll that will tell brother Pike how to perform the
ritual is locked away within the shrine of the storm so one quick trip into the seat
of power of the tidesages and we’re ready to begin.
“Hear our bells rings out over the storm’s song. Their tolling calls you home.”
“with blood we calm the wild seas that calimed you. On smooth waters and swift current,y
sail home.” “We lift our lanters over the dark waters.
We are beacons to guide you home. Souls washed to sea, return to us. Part the veil and step
onto shore. Guide us through the treacherous waters, now your domain.”
“I have never borne the burden of escorting any soul to fate’s end. We tidesages are
the only ones who can venture there safely, but even we remain in the water.”
“To even set foot upon that shore is to be condemned to death. I do not know what
we will find when we arrive at fate’s end hero. I pray we find those we seek. But be
wary. That island reeks of evil.”
“I will remain with our guides and will serve as a beacon for you to find your way
back to shore. Good luck.”
Not much to be found on the island, no sign of Jaina anywhere but we do find her staff…
“Thros consumed all! She is ours!” Herald of gorak tul attacks
“SHe will never escape the blighted lands…” “Gorak tul: Think you have won? Look around…What
you seek is not here. Your lost little girl is in my keeping. Oh, how she weeps. Her suffering
will be unending!”
Gorak Tul, lord of the blighted lands has taken Jaina and not much is known about the
blighted lands. Legends and rumors are all we have to go by, things katherine thought
just existed to frighten children. It’s a terrible place that exists for torment and
pain…What has katherine done… Yet at the same time we haven’t found a
dead body. If there’s even a slightest chance to get her back, then we must venture into
this realm that has caused so much darkness and suffering within Drustvar.
“One more thing. If…when you find Jaina. I want to be there. I will brave whatever
dangers await. I was the one who brought this fate upon her. I will be there to set it right.”
If anyone knows how to get there, it would be lucile waycrest so that’s where our journey
takes us next…
“Inquisitor! I’ve received word from Katherine. You’re not seriously considering going into
the blighted lands, are you?”
Lucile lost her parents to the darkness of the blighted lands and can’t imagine anything
to be worth going there. Our minds been made up, she herself does not know how to get there,
but she might have a clue on who does. High in the mountains there’s a hidden alcove
of impossibly verdant growth. It is there that the druids of kul tiras train the ind
ways of the druids, from before the time of gorak tul.
“A visitor to my den? How curious.”
Their leader is the great bear Ulfar, the last of the drust thornspeakers, who gives
us a bit of a preview for the upcoming kul tiran druids and it turns out that way back
when, when the kul tirans rages their war against gorak tul and the drust, not all of
the drust were down with his warlike ways. They were even willing to teach kul tirans
their druidism and it’s not that different from regular druids. They are guardians of
balance, keepers of the cycle. Life is a part of nature, as is death and it’s that death
aspect that is shown more prominantly then the regular druidism that we’ve seen before.
I imagine, and this is my own personal interpation, that the magic we see from Gorak Tul and his
followers also has its origin in this form of druidism, excpet it leans a lot more to
the death side of it, but again that’s my own personal take. All the same we ask Ulfar
for a way into the blighted lands.
“You wish to enter Thros? I am afraid I cannot help you, mainlander. Some pathways
are best left closed, lest those on the other side set foot upon them.”
“Oh, we are well past peeking, old bear.” “Gorak Tul! IT cannot be!”
“Thornspeakers, to arms!” “You know you cannot defeat me, Ulfar. But
if it is a fight you seek, then you shall have it! Thros awakens!”
A shade of gorak tul appears and the students outside give us a preview of the feral form
while we take non the blighted haunters.
“You would share our gifts with these wretches, Ulfar? You deserve to burn with them!”
“WHo are you to judge who’s worthy? Your twisted ways have disgraced our kind, Tul!”
“This is far from over, old bear.” “It would appear I was mistaken. Thros has
come to us. This…changes things.”
The pathway is already open and Ulfar is ready to help us out. To get into the blighted lands,
we’re going to embrace the ancient old magics of the drust and create an effigy. At the
final battle between Gorak Tul and the first of house Waycrest, we go around picking up
bones and sinew from gorak tuls followers. Runestones burried under years of soot and
snow and to create a central focus for the efigiy, we pick up the skull of Korvash, Gorak
Tul’s most trusted lieutenant.
“I wish you luck on your journey, mainlander. Tread carefully, for gotak’tul’s eyes
will be upon you. He is vulnerable within his own realm, and he wil lgo to great lengths
to prevent you from entering it.”
Time has drained the skull of its natural potancy so we need to recharge it, infuse
it with gorak tul’s magic found within Waycrest Manor. With that our efigy is complete and
as promised, Katherine Proudmoore joins us at the great tree Gol Inath, to save her daughter.
“Champion! You’re a welcome sight. Those monsters in the woods ambushed my honor guard.
I only survived thank to their sacrifice. Looks like we’re on our own from here. Lead
the way.”
“This place chills my soul. It feels as if i’m walkin over my own grave.. I must
steal my nerves. Jaina has braved far worse because of me.”
“This looks like some kind of doorway. Perhaps we should place the effigy here.”
Place the effigy.
“Well, that did…something…”
“Now there must be some clue in here as to how this works.”
“It vanished! Could these runes be serving as wards? Try to activate another.”
“You’ve done it! The effigy worked!”
The gateway is open and if the legends are truen than inside we will witness suffering
and torment the likes of which we have never known…but if that is what Katherine must
endure to right what she has wrong, then she will cross that threshold gladly and of course,
we join her.
“The blighted lands…this place certainly lives up to its name…”
“It’s all my fault…” “Jaina?!”
“No! Stay away!” “Jaina, wait!”
“We must follow her!”
This realm is new and still steeped in quite a lot of mystery. It reminds me a lot of stranger
things and what this exactly is…hopefully time will tell. We’ve speculated a lot about
this on discord and stream and at this point anything goes. Perhaps it’s connected to
old gods and the emerald dream and nightmare considering the connection to druidism, the
entrance through a tree. At the same time it could also be more connected to the realm
of death or potentially be something different entirely. All we know for certain at this
point is that this is the realm Gorak Tul and his people withdrew into after losing
their way with the Kul Tiras. They want to come back to the physical world. Gorak Tul
is vulnerable here, it’s a realm that prays on your fear and torment and it’s a realm
that holds Lady Jaina Proudmoore.
“Poor souls. No one should endure this. After we save Jaina, we must find a way to
come back for them.”
Servant of Thros: “Proudmoore’s daughter is ours, interloper!!”
“Not if I have anything to say about it!” “Thros will consume you..”
“Jaina is just ahead. We must hurry!’
“It’s alright, dear…” “No! You can’t help me! No one can help
me!” “Wait! Ugh, when Jaina was a child she used
to hide whenever she was frightened or upset. I always found her then…and I will not fail
her now. LEad the way, champion.”
Find Jaina’s mirror images, which have hiddene throughout the blighted lands.
Citzenens of theramore: “You left us to die!”
“You could have stopped him! You could have saved us!”
“I failed them…al off them…” “No, don’t listen to them, Jaina!”
“You will never take our prize!”
Kick the crap out the blighted decievers
“Jaina… you were..are..the pride of Kul Tiras. Her power and her fury. But even the
strongest of us can’t save everyone.”
“She’s gone. The child was only a reflection. An echo of jaina’s suffering. We must continue
our search.”
Jainas past and her guilt is being turned against her. Those she let down at Theramore,
fallen to the Horde, Warchief Garrosh and his mana bomb…it torments her.
Varian: “You were at my side in the undercity. We had them cornered! Justice was within my
grasp. I could have ended them all! Sylvanas…Thrall…Think what our world could have been without them
and their twisted Horde! But you…You stayed my blade. How many alliance soldiers died
that day? And in all the battles that followed?” “All because of me…”
“Get away from her!” “She belongs to Gorak Tul!”
Wrath of the Lich KIng, at the battle for the undercity which was after the Wrathgate
that took so many lives on both sides because of the development of the plague, the betrayel
by Varimathras and Grand Apothecary Putress, Varian had an oppertuntity to strike out.
“Varian no, i won’t let you do this.”
“We will not be denied…our vengeance…” “Seeking an end to bloodshed is a noble
pursuit, Jaina. I wish your father could have learned that lesson.”
Image disapears. “My daughter is here somewhere. Hiding.
Suffering. We will find her…and free her from this forsaken place.”
Rhonin: “You let your personal biases taint the Kirin Tor. I was a fool to think you could
be our leader!” “But they lied to me…”
“He’s not real Jaina! None of this is!” “Your scream will be unending!”
Mists of Pandaria, the sunreavers in order of Garrosh stole the divine bell using her
city. Lying about it which lead to her deciding to purge dalaran of the sunreavers, kill any
that took up arms and imprison those that surrendered.
“You will…wish for death…” “My dearest Jaina…reason alone cannot
dictate all of your choices. IF you abandon your feelings, only an empty darkness will
Final image of Jaina disapears. Follow Daelin’s voice to locate Jaina’s
true location
“Another illusion? Jaina must still be trapped nearby.”
“You sided with mongrels over your own flesh and blood!”
“That voice…Daelin?! No, it must be another of those creatures tormenting Jaina. Hurry!”
Warcraft 3, the founding of Durotar and what the song daughter of the sea is now based
upon. Her father looking for her after Lordaeron fell, finding the savage horde, but not the
same horde as Daelin remembered. Jaina tried to talk to him, tried to make him understand
that thralls horde stood with her against archimonde and the legion, but her father
wouldn’t listen. So…for the sake of peace..Jaina decided to step to the side as Thrall, Rexxar
and the Horde entered her city and took her fathers life.
“Father, why wouldn’t you listen…”
“You stood and watched as those animals cut me down. What has your betrayel earned
you?” “Father..please…”
“They took your father…betrayed your king…and you did nothing! WIll you abandon all your
allies to the Horde?” “Enough! Show us your true form, monster!”
“Insolent fools! She is broken beyond your reach! You will be next!”
Anchoring strike, lol “You are too late..”
“Jaina is it really you?”
Cinematic: “There you are…”
“SNif snif” “I did everything wrong.”
Poef she vanishes, lets enter her mind “We’re too late. This entire city must
be purged. Jaina?” “I’m sory Arthas. I can’t watch you
do this. I should have stopped him. HE would never have turned. HE’d still be alive.”
“You have always been naive, my daughter.” “Daelin?
“I won’t let you do it father. I should have tried harder. YOu don’t understand!”
“I understand more than you suspect my dear. I wasn’t strong enough. Perhaps in time
you will too. Sieze them all! I Should have made him listen. Father. No! Forgive me!”
“You couldn’t save him from himself.” “Do you really think you can cast aisde
your guilt so easily!??!” Cry…
No…Father…Why wouldn’t you listen…” “Katherine, enforce our laws. The punishment
for treason…is death.” Uhooo look at what you did Katherine.
“Do you accept the judgment of your homeland.” “I accept your judgement, mother.”
Ill do better now…my child… “My daughter. Forgive me. Forgive your father.
And… forgive yourself.” “Come topside sweetheart.”
Omg this is beautiful, I litteraly have goosebumps as i’m typing this out. Wauw…just wauw…
That cinematic is absolutely incredible. Not only since it contains so much that happened
to Jaina in the past like stepping away from Arthas as he decided to purge Stratholme,
a decision that haunts her…could she perhaps have done more to stop him. Stepping away
from her father, could she have done something to convince him, to change his mind or perhaps
it would have been better to stay at his side? Her mothers judgement not just because of
her actions towards kul tiras, but all of her past, her mistakes, her choices, her doubts.
We see arthas, her father, maybe Uther behind her, Varian, Rhonin, Kindy and so many more
in the background, most likely citizens of theramore and lordaeron, ghosts of the past
that are haunting her and when she tells her mother ‘I’ll accept your judgement’
it’s not just for being the daughter of the sea and what she’s done to kul tiras.
It is her mother judging her entire life…Ripping off the necklace, the last memento of her
father and casting her out must have been shattering but now…after quite litteraly
being inside Jaina’s head. Feeling what she had to go through, her mother does better.
Asking her for forgiveness, to forgive her father and to forgive herself. Let go of those
demons that are with her every step of the journey. Not to forget or cast it aside, but
forgive herself. Right or wrong, sometimes the choices that we make are impossible to
get right and that’s oke. We’re only human as she embraces her daughter and welcomes
her home.
“Come daughter. We’ll find our way out of here.”
“None of you will escape!” “Mother, look out! MOTHER!”
BAWOESJ “You challenged the wrong family, fiend!
To arms, champion!”
“Thros will consume you all! At last I will claim vengeance!”
“My people defeated your kind once, monster. We will do so again!”
From a very emotional moment, we dive right back into the action as Gorak Tul still needs
to be dealt with. I assume since he’s volnerable in his own realm that he is taken care of,
but the blighted lands might make for a really cool raid in the future.

“Your hollow victory…means nothing… The drust…will never…relent…”
“And Kul Tiras will never yield.” “Mother! Are you alright?
“”Yes…I will be fine. We’d better go before more of those…things…arrive.”
“IT will be a relief to put this place behind me. Champion, shall we?”
“It is good to feel the sea air. Thank you champion. Without your intervention, I may
never have felt it again…” “Now, let me see if I can do this properly
this time…Welcome home..daughter.” “Mother…I …”
“Lord Admiral! Ships on the horizon! They’re flying Ashvane colors!”
“Priscilla has come back for my city… Champion! IT seems I am in need of your aid
once more.”
“Taelia, take our champion and muster the militia. Jaina and I will prepare the defenses.
It seems our homecoming will have to wait.” “Understood…Lord Admiral.”
“I’ll head to the outskirts and alert the citizens. Hurry to the docks. I’ll meet
you there!”
Priscila finally makes her return and is ready for her final move, siege Boralus. With her
weaponized Azerite, our fleet still missing and the iron tide backing her up, we’re
in for one hell of a fight. Chopper Redhook, Dread Captain Lockwood, even the sea giant
Hadal Darkfathom and a kraken called Viq’goth summoned from the depths by lady ashvane are
thrown at us to bring the city low. We’re able to repel the invaders but we’re simply
outnumbered and our defenses will not hold…
Cinematic: Uho thats a lot of ships
Our harbor defenses won’t be enough. Father’s pendant.
For generations, the heart of the kul tiran fleet. I thought that hope had returned with
this seal. That perhaps I could call the fleet home as your father did. I was wrong. IT was
never meant for me. ITs your jaina. Ow yes, hum that theme. Beware
the daughter of the sea, but too you it means so much more doesn’t it? The song of your
father as he made a promise to always come home to you. And you use that beautiful voice
of yours to find them lost at sea. “There you are”
OUT OF THE RPG AND IN TO THE CANON LORE “We’re home, tandred! Captain, pirates
in our harbor.” “All hands. Lets show them what kul tirans
are made of.” “Lady ashvane, your orders! Lady ashvane!
You have no choice but to surrender. Ahoy, sail that white flag as the day has been saved.
It seems hope has returned…with you, Lord Admiral.
A it so beautiful. Ahhh i’m not crying, you’re crying
Laura Bailey the voice actress of Jaina porudmoore is a goddess, in fact pretty much all the
voice acting has been on point. Some of you asked if the pendant is a magical artifact
and it very well might be, but I think they’re aiming for more of a family connection. This
is the necklace that connect her to her father and her home of kul tiras and with it in her
hand she starts humming the song ‘daughter of the sea’, but as we found out during
the introduction cinematic…It was not always a song about how she betrayed her father
“Ahoy, ahoy, sweet Daughter of the Seas.” “Ahoy, this child be mine.”
“The admiral’s girl, his whole entire world. For as long As stars do shine.
“Giggle, promise you’ll come back.” “I’ll weather every storm if I know you
are waiting for me.” “Time to go, Jaina!”
“I love you poppa.” “Come topside sweatheart.”
I will weather any storm if it brings me back to you and with her powers Jaina not only
finds the missing fleet and bring it home, she litteraly pulls her brother out of the
warcraft RPG and into the canon lore. This is not her brother Derek that died to the
Horde with the alliance of lordaeron, this is her other brotherTandred proudmoore. Once
said to not be part of the offficial lore, they’ve now changed their mind about that
and I’m assuming he’ll have his part to play.
“That bloke in the red shirt over there told me i wasn’t canon. Well obviously.
I am a mariner, not a canon!”
Jaina has been appointed as Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras, we’ve helped out the houses and
united the land. It is time to officially welcome Kul Tiras back into the alliance.
“Thank you all for coming, I shallp keep this brief. DIvision has made us vulnearable.
We are beset from enemies within. The Horde, too, has made its intentions clear. THose
savages would see us burn. I ask you now to put your faith in my daughter Jaina, the true
lord admiral of kul tiras. And to renew our bond with the alliance whos heroes have saved
us from our own unmaking.” “What say you?”
“House waycrest stands with you lord admiral and with the alliance.”
“The storm’s wake shall guide the fleet to victory for the alliance as we have before.”
“Thank you…all of you. I will do everything I can to prove worthy of your trust.”
“I am pleased and honor to welcome kul tiras back into the alliance. May the light guide
us to victory.”
And just one small, little lore bomb waiting to be dropped…
“King Wrynn, there is someone you should meet. Along with your champion, she was instrumental
in saving our kingdom…and my life.” “IT is an honor to meet you king wrynn.
I am Taelia. Taelia Fordragon.” “FordragoN?!”
“Daughter of Bolvar. Fostered under our protection since the third war.”
“Taelia..please, rise. The honor is mine.” “Did you know my father?”
“Highlord Bolvar was a great man. A true hero to the alliance – and to me. I remember
now,,,he used to write you letters. he had a nickname for you…”
“My shining star. The letters stopped coming. I … I have so many questions.”
“Taelia, when time permits, you must come to Stormwind as my guest. I have many stories
to share about your father.”

Taelia is a fordragon and as she told us the moment we arived, he was a stormwind knight
who gave his life fighting the Lich King. Not just any stormwind knight, a long time
friend of house Wrynn who was there for Anduin when his father was split into two and he
had to step up to lead their people in the shadow of Onyxia. Bolvar who lead the assault
at the Wrathgate, choking by the plague unleashed by putress and varimathras only to be kept
at the edge of life by the dragons fire and then tormented by the Lich King. At the end
it would be he to take up the job as jailor of the damned telling tirion to never come
back and keep what happened there a secret. What better way to do that then to build a
statue in the middle of dalaran which shows people exactly what happened, but of course
that’s not what really happened in the story, that’s just for our convenience. As far
as I’m aware, the people that know what happened to Bolvar are sylvanas as she made
her way to the top of icecrown before killing herself. Tirion of course and the knights
of the ebon blade since they worked with the lich king durng legion, although it’s up
for speculation if they actually recognised him as being bolvar. Varian and Jaina as well
know what happened to bolvar as described in the novel The shattering, a prelude to
the cataclysm. At that point in time they said that Anduin didn’t know what happened
to bolvar, a man who was like a father to him, but knowing that there are several sources
aware of what happened to bolvar…it’s not as big of a secret as he wanted it to
And that is the ending for the alliance major story as they regain the loyalty of Kul Tiras
and accept them back into the alliance. The war with the Horde as well as the other threats
still lurking in the distance that’s a story still waiting to be told but if that’s going
to be the same quality as this one was then man ow man do we have a fun journey waiting
for us. For me this storytelling is a 10 out of 10. They could have easily gone with the
route of Jaina goes mental and is the bad guy, something that might still happen in
the future, but I’m so very thankful that they didn’t. Instead they went the more
subtle route. Touching upon nearly everything that’s happened and been discussed about
Jaina in the past. Having her mother not just brush aside her actions, but standing up for
them and trying to make it right. The cinematic in which we see the shadows of the past haunting
her and the connections to her family, bringing the fleet and her brother home…It was emotional,
subtle, beautiful and some of the best story telling that I have ever experienced within
warcraft. The Horde side of things is definatly worth your time as well and that will be the
thing we’re going to talk about next time, but for now thank you very much for watching
everyone! Subscribe if you like my videos, leave a like if you enjoyed this one aaaand
until next time guys…see ya!
For more infomation >> The Story of The Pride of Kul Tiras – Ally 8.0.1 Ending [Lore] – Duration: 42:09.
Dino hunter – deadly shores | Level-1 | Game tutorials – Duration: 3:41. This video contains that “Dino hunter – deadly shores | Level-1 | Game tutorials “. Keep watching this video.
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Thank you !!! Jai Hind, Vande Mataram !!!
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Celtic news: Brendan Rodgers gives scathing assessment of FK Suduva draw – Duration: 2:47. Celtic looked on cruise contract after just three minutes when Olivier Ntcham scored to put the visitors in front
But Ovidijus Verbickas levelled 10 minutes later and Suduva held on for an unlikely draw
It means the Scottish champions must now head to Celtic Park next week with the tie in the balance
And Rodgers admitted he felt for the travelling fans who made the Baltic journey tonight
“I felt for the supporters tonight,” he told Celtic’s official Twitter feed. “For them to come all the way out here, to make the effort to support the team, for us to play with that quality… it was disappointing really
“We made a great start. We wanted to start the game quickly and we got a European goal away from home, which was perfect
But yet another soft goal. “Mikey Johnson, it was a good performance by him. He was our real spark in the game
“Browny you get what you get from him, tenacious and with fight and bite. But not a great deal more to be honest
“We go to the second leg next week, get the job done and into the group stages.” Celtic have endured a mixed start to the season, having been knocked out of Champions League qualifying by AEK
Suduva’s goal gives the Lithuanian minnows hope of a shock upset next week and Rodgers was unhappy with his side
“The frustration was basically the goal. We don’t defend a basic ball into the box,” he said
“It’s a decent ball in but our line has got to drop together. We need more cohesion and we’ve got to defend it one way or the other
“It was a soft goal to give away. We had decent control of the game but then offensively as well we weren’t aggressive or show that intent
“So we will go away and analyse it and see what we can do better.”
For more infomation >> Celtic news: Brendan Rodgers gives scathing assessment of FK Suduva draw – Duration: 2:47.
Paul Rudd Bloopers That Make Us Love Him Even More – Duration: 4:38. Everyone likes Paul Rudd.
He might be the perfect movie star, he leads a hit Marvel franchise, yet he seems down
to earth.
He broke through in the classic ’90s teen comedy Clueless before becoming one of the
comedy cool kids with Wet Hot American Summer and Anchorman before segueing into superhero
mode as Ant-Man.
Rudd likes to laugh and keep it light, so it’s no surprise that he generates a lot of
And to offer hilarious proof, we’ve taken a deep dive to bring you some of the funniest
moments from behind the scenes of his biggest movies.
Just some kid stuff
What makes little kids freak out, in a good way, more than anything else?
Being present for stuff they think they’re not supposed to see.
For example, bad words.
They’ve been told their entire lives that some words must never be said, so it only
stands to reason that when they actually hear one, they become enthusiastically amused,
like in this outtake from Ant-Man
“Cuff that ass—-!”
“Got it.”
“I heard you!”
“I heard you!”
Why, robot?
Judd Apatow likes to keep things loose and collaborative on his sets, and since Paul
Rudd has an agile comic mind, he’s wound up in a few of Apatow’s movies, including The
40-Year-Old Virgin.
His character works alongside Steve Carell’s at a big box electronics store, which gives
the actors plenty of opportunity to play with goofy gadgets.
In this not-quite-appropriate-for-the-final-cut sequence, Rudd interrupts a conversation to
show off a cool robot toy.
“Check it out, man, new robo-sapiens!”
Black market panther
In Anchorman, a movie full of hilarious sequences, one of the best occurs when ace 1970s San
Diego reporter and self-proclaimed ladies’ man Brian Fantana shows off his stash of intoxicating
colognes to Ron Burgundy.
The prize of his collection: Sex Panther.
“They’ve done studies, you know.
60% of the time, it works every time.”
“That doesn’t make sense.”
In this outtake, the elaborate, panther-shaped mechanical prop doesn’t work at all.
“… fell off.
It’s cost me $13,000, it really pisses me off.”
Knocking a few back to the future
Pretending to be intoxicated, improvising lines, and doing either of those things while
a co-star is angrily yelling into your ear can’t be easy, but Rudd manages all three
of those tasks in this unused scene from Knocked Up.
While his character gets progressively more drunk in a restaurant, he slurs and stumbles
through some Back to the Future-themed goofing.
‘I’m gonna, you know what, I’m gonna build you a skateboard and see what you do in the
town square.”
“Stop talking.”
“You guys are gonna love it in the future, trust me.”
“And then I’m gonna go…”
“Stop it!”
“I’m gonna go to the Twins Oaks mall.
That use to be the… Hill Valley!”
Cracking up is only natural
The 2012 comedy Wanderlust concerns a big-city couple so sick of urban annoyances that they
decide to try life on a nature-positive, free-love, hippie-style commune.
In this outtake, Paul Rudd tries to convince Jennifer Aniston that they need to give up
the natural life.
“Really, I don’t think we’re supposed to be in a place.”
“Many apologies, Mr. Baldwin.”
Role-ing right along
In the 2008 comedy Role Models, Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott play a couple of guys
forced into community service.
All that stress highlights the differences between the two, resulting in a fight, which
created a few unusable outtakes.
“This coming from a guy who likes girls a whole bunch.”
When to call cut
In 2010, Rudd starred opposite Reese Witherspoon in How Do You Know, where he plays a nice
guy named George who gets caught up in a federal investigation of his father’s company.
He also finds time to fall in love.
George is more than a bit nervous, and judging by this blooper, those traits seeped into
Rudd’s psyche.
“I’m gonna tell you exactly what I like, everything I have inside.
Kiss kiss?
Nuts to you!”
What a schmuck
Dinner for Schmucks is an odd comedy about odd people.
It stars Rudd as a guy caught up with a strange club that requires guests to bring an oddball
along to regular dinner parties.
His candidate is a weirdo named Barry, played by Steve Carell.
While shooting one particular scene, things got slightly weirder than expected.
“I was just microwaving some Hot Pockets.”
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The Razer Thresher for PS4 provides comfort and control over a gamers listening experience – Duration: 2:15. the razer thresher for ps4 provides comfort and control over a gamers
listening experience users can choose a wireless 2.4 gigahertz connection or a
wired three point five millimeters connection adding cross-platform
functionality the Razer thresher can last up to 16 hours in Wireless mode
from a single charge without concerns of disconnecting with a wireless range of
up to 40 feet the Razer thresher for ps4 is designed to be the most reliable
headset in the world for gamers master and mic volume controls are conveniently
placed on the headset a retractable on the directional boom microphone and a
mic monitoring allow you to hear yourself in-game this mix of seamless
control and audio fidelity provides a winning advantage when ambient sounds
and clear communication matter the headset comes with large leatherette ear
cushions made of memory foam that conform to any gamers head the memory
foam provides extraordinary comfort better sound quality and noise isolation
even for those wearing glasses thanks to the indented eyewear channels in the ear
cups within each ear cup is a 50 millimetres
driver that provides loud and clear audio into each cup with a wide
frequency response range of 12 Hertz to 28,000 Hertz the Razer thresher for ps4
is also compatible with a PC a Nintendo switch and other devices equipped with a
3.5 millimetres audio port Razer thresher for ps4 is available to
purchase with priced at $129.99
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I hope this video finds you well.
It’s time for a closer look at the next episode in KSI vs Logan Paul.
This is not a boxing channel but that story it’s just too much fun not to watch.
Last time we Logan Paul hitting Bradley Martyn in the abs and in the face.
If you missed that video click that little i right up there to replay that video.
Now it’s up to KSI.
And KSI is going to encounter Bradley Martyn, hit him hard and we’re going to have a closer
look at that one.
I was actually boxing quite a while when I was young.
And so I’m speaking of experience here when we look at that video together.
Just roll the video.
And we used to do this.
Medicine ball as part of our regular training.
Often we would punch each other in the abs with the gloves just for fun and sometimes
– you know how young men are – we often also did it without gloves.
So I certainly have a perspective to look at those punches here.
The link to the video I’m talking about will be in the video description and also the link
to the official fight page, if you want to watch it, is in the video description.
This huge guy.
This is how he strengthened his head to take the KSI punch.
So Bradley Martyn certainly a huge guy.
I have no clue what he’s doing there.
I mean, you get punched enough when you get into sparring.
You don’t have to knock your head against a sandbag or the wall.
It’s never going to feel like that because the sandbag is usually not punching you.
That would be a weird sandbag.
Of course this is not serious.
Nobody would ever do that I guess.
Maybe the old Kung Fu films they actually did stuff like that.
It’s not really about boxing.
Look how huge Bradley Martyn is.
Very strong.
So if your into fitness or anyways.
Certainly check out his channel.
Bradely Martyn.
Bradley Martyn himself was actually taking some boxing lessons.
I’m going to tell you something here to notice about beginner’s boxing.
A very common mistake they are doing is stand like this.
With the elbows way up leaving basically all the side here open for punches.
Standing like this leaving this area open.
And you’re very open for punches.
What you usually want to do as boxer, you want to close up this area with the arms and
really protect that area.
And that’s where you can really tell the difference here already.
But he’s looking really good.
What he’s really doing good there, is keeping his fists close to the chin.
His doing an excellent job with that.
So maybe he should fight the winner of KSI vs Logan.
Let’s go to the punch.
KSI punching Bradley Martyn into the abs.
And I’m going to explain little things after the punch.
So what you can see here.
Again he’s hitting him right there.
Where the ab muscles are the strongest.
Not on the solar plexus which is up here below the rib cage.
That’s a really vulnerable area.
Or the sides are very vulnerable areas.
So if you’re hitting right on the abs it’s not going to hurt.
If you flex your abs when the punch comes they’re really strong.
It’s not going to hurt.
Compared to in a real battle you don’t know when exactly the punch will hit.
You always have to be ready to flex your abs the moment it’s required.
But you don’t know exactly when.
That makes you more vulnerable to punches during a fight.
When your prepared for the punch on the abs it’s not going to hurt.
Unless you’re not trained.
Or maybe if the other guy is way heavier than you are.
Then it may hurt.
Usually if you’re well trained and you’re about the same weight and he’s punching you
with gloves on the abs it’s not going to hurt.
Let’s talk about technique quickly.
This punch, it looks kind of soft.
But compared to the other punch we’ve seen where Logan Paul kind of really takes his
time and then lands a heavy punch into the abs.
Here KSI is really fast.
It’s a fast punch.
And don’t underestimate the power of speed.
Because what makes a punch powerful is the weight you’re able to put behind that punch
and the speed.
So if that punch is very fast and all your weight is in the punch with all the spin.
It’s going to be a harder punch than if you put all the weight in the punch but you’re
Speed makes a huge difference.
And what you see here is that KSI is actually punching very fast.
And I really like the movement.
He’s doing a good movement there when he punches.
I don’t think it really hurts because it’s going right on the abs where they are most
compact and strongest.
And he’s really ready and flexing the abs.
Now that was a really fast hook.
And I really like the movement here.
KSI is very fast.
And he seems to be very flexible.
Let’s talk about the fight quickly.
The biggest danger to Logan Paul is that KSI is very fast.
If he’s got the reflexes he can actually try to avoid the punches of Logan and try to have
those quick counter attacks.
I mean he needs to go into the in fight because from what I’ve seen, KSI is probably smaller
than Logan.
And the smaller guy has to do the match.
He has to go in the in fight and try to hit.
And at the same time try to avoid the punches.
It’s probably going to be very interesting.
I had the impression that Logan is a little bit slower but more heavy and stronger.
And on the other side KSI he’s very fast, he’s very flexible.
I really love how he moves.
Very fast movements there.
He’s really good at hitting the same spot every time.
Now this is a big thing.
Bradley Martin is saying KSI’s accuracy is very good.
It’s excellent.
And that makes a huge difference.
Because in boxing, if you hit the right spot, and moving the head as I said last time.
Hitting on the corners of the chin and moving the head backwards.
And if you hit that spot exactly it’s a huge difference if you hit the right spot or if
you hit on the ear or if you don’t hit at all.
Accuracy makes a great difference.
If he’s fast and very accurate that gives him a good chance to try to box Logan Paul.
But he also needs to avoid the punches from Logan Paul.
I think Logan is going to hit very hard.
He’s also fast by the way.
If you don’t see them together it’s really hard to tell from videos.
But what I’ve seen so far, I think Logan may be a little bit slower but stronger.
And now we’re coming to the head punch.
Again he’s wearing the helmet.
Why does he wear … ok, maybe it helps him because it distributes the punch a little
bit over all of the head.
But I actually don’t think so.
It’s very small.
The head guard is basically there to protect you from head butts.
Making sure in the infight you’re not hitting with the heads because that gives really ugly
cuts on the eyebrows.
That’s what it’s for.
Of course also from punches you can get cuts.
But usually it’s from head butts.
From repeated head butts.
When the hair cuts you.
Helmet will not take much power from the punch.
It just looks cool.
Let’s go to that jab onto the head.
Poor Bradley Martyn.
Again the towel basically is for protecting himself from biting his lips or tongue.
I mean he could just make a … how is it called in English?
Teeth protection.
As they usually wear.
He’s aiming.
That was actually a really good punch.
Like he really hit him right there on the target, moving his head.
I think that punch has really hurt.
It was a good and fast punch.
And yes, he doesn’t want another punch.
Actually KSI he pushed the punch a little bit.
Like hitting a target behind the chin.
What you usually do in martial arts, you’re not trying to hit here but when you punch
from this side you’re actually trying to hit there.
Punching through the chin or through the target.
Because otherwise subconsciously you stop the punch to early.
You actually punch through the target.
But it’s a great punch.
Really a great punch here by KSI.
I can’t really tell about the power in the punch.
Boxing is all about this.
That’s what everyone doesn’t realize.
He’s actually very right there.
Boxing is not just trying to hit the other guy and punching.
It’s a lot about smartness.
Trying to avoid punches, the right timing.
When to attack and when not to attack.
And also timing – I mean it’s six rounds of three minutes.
It’s not twelve rounds like world championship matches.
But it’s still 6 rounds of 3 minutes.
It’s very hard.
Actually already 2 or 3 rounds if you’re not trained enough is very hard of three minutes.
So if you’re going into the match two intense.
If your timing is not right you will be exhausted at the end of the rounds.
And that’s where you’re very vulnerable.
At the end of the rounds.
If you’re exhausted.
You have to use your power wisely through those 3 minutes and also through the six rounds.
So that you cannot be knocked out.
This is a very common mistake.
Especially new boxers they start very quickly and they’re exhausted afterwards.
And then they are easily beaten.
It’s all about this.
It’s just your mind.
This is so true.
It’s exactly true.
And it’s not how much you can hit the other guy.
It’s not only about that.
It’s also how many punches you can avoid.
I’m going to destroy Logan.
If he wants a rematch I’m going to destroy him again.
And then I want to go pro.
Because that is the real test.
So my comment on this.
KSI wants to go pro.
And I believe you should do whatever you believe in, and you should try.
But I’m going to give some context here.
Usually amateurs have more than 100 fights before they go pro.
So they have a lot of experience before they go pro.
And then also as a pro, and actually the record as a pro is very important.
You cannot fight 5 times and lose because then you’re not interesting anymore.
You can do that as an amateur.
So that is also a reason why it’s good to have those 100 matches in your fists as an
amateur because it doesn’t matter so much if you lose or win.
But you win a lot of experience.
and the goal as a pro is to have opponents that get stronger and stronger … and you
learn with every match.
You want your career to be like you win every match.
You’re really building a career story like that.
Boxers, really successful boxers they start at a very young age.
In their early 10s usually.
Starting boxing after 20 is not going to be easy.
Big respect here for KSI.
I’m not going to say if it’s possible or not.
Everything is possible.
It depends on his commitment.
I’m a strong believer of that.
He gotta put in the hard work.
And he’s certainly able to give us some really good boxing matches.
And certainly that story will be very interesting to watch.
Better than Logan?
They keep asking me that.
I can’t tell them yet.
Whose punch is harder.
I don’t know.
It’s very hard to tell just from watching the video.
You’d have to feel it.
It depends how accurate the punch is.
It’s really hard to tell.
And a battle is a totally different story.
The target is moving.
It’s harder to hit.
It’s punching back.
It’s a totally different story.
So I’m not sure this really gives an indication about the match.
Just saying who punches stronger.
I’ve seen a lot of heavy dudes lose against smaller guys.
That says basically nothing.
It’s about speed.
It’s about timing.
So I hope you enjoyed those insights from me about boxing.
And maybe that helps you to understand what’s really going on.
And maybe it also gets you a little hyped up for the match.
I’m certainly hyped up and I want to see that match.
Please give a thumbs up for this video and don’t forget to subscribe to StorySpotlight
for more amazing stories.
And see you in the next video.
Arsenal news: Danny Welbeck nets OUTRAGEOUS goal in training – but fans are NOT impressed – Duration: 2:51. Arsenal are without a Premier League win this season having lost their opening two fixtures against Manchester City and Chelsea
Reigning champions City beat the Gunners 2-0 at the Emirates in their Premier League opener before Chelsea narrowly defeated Unai Emery’s side 3-2 a week later
Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Alex Iwobi were both on target against Chelsea but their goals couldn’t stop Arsenal slipping to defeat
However, striker Welbeck has been lacing up his shooting boots in training in a bid to force his way into Emery’s starting XI ahead of Arsenal’s meeting with London rivals West Ham this weekend
And the former Manchester United ace scored a stunner at London Colney this week
In a video posted on Arsenal’s social media accounts, Welbeck stood behind the goal and whipped in a curling effort in stunning style
However, while many Gunners fans were impressed with Welbeck’s training ground antics, some supporters were not
“Just a pity he can’t do it consistently in front of goal,” one fan wrote. Another said: “Can we focus on scoring actual in game goals
” “Can he bag one when in front of goal though?” a third fan questioned. A fourth supporter said: “I’m just shocked he actually put the ball in the net
” Despite Arsenal’s disappointing start to the season, boss Emery insists his side must get a result against the Hammers
“After the first two matches, we have two defeats and we need to win this match against West Ham,” Emery said in his pre-match press conference
“The difficulty is in this game because West Ham are a good team with good players and a good coach
“They know the Premier League very well and they have a lot of new players. “We are thinking in our way and about our work to create our ideas and our system on Saturday with our supporters at the Emirates
“I think it’s very important to show them a better performance than in the two first matches
“We are preparing well, I am feeling well when I look at the players in training every day

For more infomation >> Arsenal news: Danny Welbeck nets OUTRAGEOUS goal in training – but fans are NOT impressed – Duration: 2:51.
Elsword Story Quest EP36: Master of the Red Eye (3/5) – Duration: 11:19. Sir Tyr….?!
Ara, do you know him?
The name of a boy I met before I met all of you was Tyr But how come Sir Tyr is here..?
[Stirbargen] Hahaha, you must have already noticed, but Nephilim Lord telling me to guide you guys here was a lie~
[Stirbargen] I was just curious about how far you guys can figure out by looking at the ores here…
[Ciel] …So you were testing us.
[Stirbargen] Oh, you have something interesting tagging along with you, Luciela.
[Ciel] ….!
[Lu] ….Weakling like you with only a big mouth to show for yourself shouldn’t be ignoring my contractor.
[Lu] And I’d appreciate it if you stopped acting friendly towards me after all this time. It’s revolting!
Ahahaha, could it be that you’re still upset about losing to me that long time ago?
You only won because you used all sorts of cheap tricks. And do you really think I was giving my all in that sort of child‘s play?
Of course… I’m not confident that I can beat you in terms of strength. But using your brain is also a valid way to fight.
Lu, you know him?
….This kid is Red-Demon King Stirbargen. He’s one of the four Demon Lords like me.
W-What?! So Demon Lords are all kids?
Hey, didn’t I tell you that I turned like this because I lost my power?!!
I also lost my power while breaking out of the seal. But that’s not why I look like this. I can change my appearance at will.
It’s a very convenient ability. Isn’t that right?
Ara, let me borrow your body for a moment.
L-Lord Eun? Alright!
Wasn’t it your idea to play hide and seek? Why did you appear before me first? What are you up to?
Woa, woa. drop that spear. I don’t intend to fight. Aren’t you all tired?
S-Since when did he get behind us…?!
This was beyond my control. It was trying to kill me and I couldn’t do anything in a spirit’s form.
So why don’t we call it a tie?
Hide and seek? Tie…? Just what happened?
So you really didn’t tell anyone. I made a hide and seek bet with the fox possessing that girl.
Aren’t you two looking pretty close now? Last time, both of you almost died while arguing with each other.
You were bothering me all this time. This is a good opportunity, I’ll eliminate you here.
(L-Lord Eun calm down! I don’t know what happened, but we should observe the situation for now.)
Ahahaha! Watching people shiver in rage after finding out my identity is the best….
I’m sorry, but I don’t want to die right now. So let’s make a trade. We even have a good excuse of the bet ending in a tie!
You expect us to trust you? That’s not even funny.
Hmm… It seems you guys aren’t fools. I’m glad.
Whether the world ends, or who wins the war, I’m fine long as I can enjoy myself. It’s not like I’m interested in position of the Demon Lord anymore.
Let me go. Then I’ll give you guys some valuable information that you can’t obtain yourselves. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea, right?
Is that…. really all you want?
I’ve taken quite a liking to you guys. It feels like you’ll continue to entertain me a lot.
That’s why I’m giving you lots of freebies. If I die here, I can’t enjoy all that in the future. My life is most important for me right now in this situation.
….Fine, we’ll accept your condition.
But, how do we know that this information is good enough to bargain with your life?
Hooh…. you’re quite sharp.
Aren’t you curious how I could come back to this place…. even though I’m weaker than Luciela?
Ahaha, you noticed? I know it, the exact coordinate of this world that you call the Demon Realm.
Uuugh, he’s so annoying…. I want to hit him so badly….!
So sly…. I want to sew his mouth up….
(L-Lord Eun…!!)
Haha, hearing such menacing words coming from Ms.Fox is awkward.
Alright, this will be a long talk so relax.
Ah! Since when did he take our weapons?
What should I start with….? Oh yes, let’s talk about the Dark El.
Dark El…. It’s been treated as a legend for a long time and only mountains of rumours about it exists.
Because of the absurd stories going around like how it will grant you ultimate power or how it will grant you immortality, there is a clear division in the Demon Realm between those who believe that the Dark El exists and those who don’t.
As for what Barkat, the current leader of the Demon Legion thinks about this matter…. Hmm, that guy’s opinion probably doesn’t matter.
Then do you know where the Dark El is?
Unfortunately, I don’t know either.
So in that regards, you guys allying with the spirits was a rather good strategy. Although it will be difficult to get what you want from them.
Are you saying the spirits will try to trick us?
Ahahaha, no! I didn’t mean it like that.
Spirits here have a different way of sensing things than us. So they cannot accurately pin-point the location of the Dark El.
So that means, not even Nephilim Lord has the information regarding the Dark El’s location?
Bingo! They can only vaguely sense the Dark El’s energy, they cannot provide you with a satisfactory location.
Even if they had some information to give, it was probably something like where they sensed stronger Dark El energy.
…How can we trust what you’re saying?
If you’re so suspicious, then you can ask Nephilim Lord on your way back. This mountain is probably one of the locations it will suggest.
Well… aren’t you really confident in yourself?
Oh yes! The eye of that red guy you saved, that was actually mine.
In a long past that I can barely remember, I had to give him one of my eyes because I lost a bet. But I didn’t think he’d be in such a place. I was really surprised too.
…I heard that the master of the eye was close by, but I didn’t think he’d be right beside us…
Because of that, I could watch you guys fight inside the tower. It was such a spectacle~
Stop staring at me with that disgusted gaze, I really only watched. Anyways, this eye really doesn’t have a single drop of power left. He should have used it more moderately before giving it back.
Hmm… I wonder how it feels for a normal person of Elrios to get fused with the power of a demon….
Even I wouldn’t want to experience becoming a lonely creature that doesn’t belong to any sides…
How dare you….!
….Someone like you would never understand the value of living your life for someone you really cherish.
I don’t intend to make you understand. Just like I have my ways of living, you must have yours.
My existence and worth connects directly to Lu. I’ll take any further insult towards me as an insult to Lu, Red-Demon King.
It looks like you’ll try to hit me. Don’t think about it too seriously. It was just out of pure curiosity.
You really think I cannot harm you? You must be misunderstanding something, most important thing to me is Lu’s well-being.
If anything gets in Lu’s way, even if that’s my comrade, it will be a target for elimination for me.
…Heh, I see.
Then shall we make a bet? I like making bets quite a lot.
For more infomation >> Elsword Story Quest EP36: Master of the Red Eye (3/5) – Duration: 11:19.
HOW TO WRITE CARE PLANS (MY #1 RESOURCE) – Duration: 17:52. so one of the biggest questions I get from nursing students is about care
plants especially how to get better grades and how to save time writing them
so a few weeks ago I actually did a Facebook live to answer this question
how I got A’s on all of my nursing school care plans without spending a
zillion hours writing them and I wanted to share that video with you today on
YouTube because I know that you are going to love it I’m going to walk you
through my number one resource for writing amazing care plans and nursing
school and you just really shouldn’t live without it I really really don’t
want you to live without it it’s called the nursing diagnosis handbook and it
will just about change your life so in this video I’m gonna walk you through
step-by-step on how to use it to write a plus care plans for nursing school and a
little disclaimer here if you want to check this book out if you feel like it
will be helpful for you there is an affiliate link down below in the
description so if you want to snag this book I highly recommend it and if you
use that link I will receive a small commission so thank you so much for your
support I really appreciate it of course I’m never ever gonna recommend something
to you that I don’t 1,000% love and hold dear to my heart so you can’t be super
confident that yes this book will be a game-changer for you so I highly
recommend that you snag it if you feel like it’ll be helpful and if you want
more review videos like this for my favorite nursing school essentials write
love in the comments below I really want to know if you want more videos like
this that would be super helpful feedback for me so thank you so much for
that and like I said I had originally recorded this video on a Facebook live I
love Facebook lives so if you enjoy this video you’ll definitely want to like us
on Facebook now let’s get to the video
Hey everyone, Christina here with and I just posted
a video yesterday up on YouTube about resources that I recommend for nursing
school and one of them was a book for care plans amazing you guys gotta get
this book it helped me so much in nursing school I wish I had known about
it sooner everything I do here is trying to save you time in nursing school these
are things that I wish I knew when I started so one of them a big one for me
was this care plan book and it was actually required by my school so if you
have one it’s probably similar to this or it might actually be this one so in
this video I’m going to walk you through how to use it and how it can help you
save a ton of time writing care plans it’s amazing I did not use it actually
my first I would say a little while in nursing school a few a few terms at
least and then by the end I was just thinking to myself oh my gosh I wish I
knew about this cedar because it’s amazing it’ll help you so much so I
wanted to show you a couple of things here’s the book that I recommend it is
the nursing diagnosis handbook by Ackley and Ladwig and actually this is
the the 10th edition and I think there is a new additional probably the 11th
maybe even later but I’m pretty sure there is a new edition out this is a
fairly older one that I’ve got but still amazing I mean I bet it’s still the same
so what I kind of wanted to this is a really good one is anxiety here so I
wanted to point out a few things in this book so I don’t know I hope you can see
that um this book walks you through literally kind of everything you gotta
know so definition so the definition in your care plan book is super nice
because sometimes when you’re dealing with a patient you have this list of
possible nursing diagnoses in your head and you
or thinking okay well I know you’ve got to prioritize them and there’s all these
possible nursing diagnoses having that definition there in the book it tells
you actually what that nursing diagnosis includes and sometimes it’s not what you
think it is so you might think to yourself that oh this would be a perfect
nursing diagnosis for my patient but then you go when you look at the
definition and it’s not actually what you thought it was that happened to me
quite a bit so that definition is really good definitely look at that first to
make sure that that nursing diagnosis that you want to use for your care plan
actually fits your patient so that’s tip number one now the next thing I want to
show you is this kind of second section here it’s defining characteristics so
this is for anxiety is this nursing diagnosis so these defining
characteristics are actually so nice and for anxiety it actually breaks it up I
see in the like behavioral affective physiological if there’s you know tons
of category so all of those defining characteristics you guys you guys these
are the signs and the symptoms that you’ll be looking for in your patient
like I can’t even I can’t even it literally like writes your care plan for
you of course you’ve got to assess your patient but you can look at this list
and be like oh yeah she did have that that actually is a sign in symptom of
anxiety that’s amazing I learned so first of all you learn something new
second of all your care plan is just better and faster because it’s in the
book for you it’s incredible so I hope that helps defining characteristics are
the signs and symptoms that you would want to write in your care plan so now
these signs and symptoms go in the as evidenced by section in your nursing
diagnosis part that kind of p/es statement so the as evidenced by their
the AE be you would call it is the defining characteristics the signs and
symptoms of what you would see for your patient for whatever nursing diagnosis
you’re working with alright now the next one is obvious is there related to so
related to factors so like the really it’s the underlying
pathophysiology like what is actually happening with your patient now this
this is a big deal because this is actually probably the biggest thing that
I see nursing students couldn’t get hung up on is this related to section of
nursing care plans so you know a lot of people want to do like let’s say for
example diabetes so if you have a you know some some diabetes related nursing
nursing diagnosis and then I see a lot of students maybe wanted to use a
related to factor being something like it’s related to lifestyle or
environmental factors or something like that but further related to it really
should be something related to the pathophysiology of what’s going on the
underlying physiological process so for diabetes for example it could be
something like insulin resistance or decrease insulin production something
like that because those are related to the pathophysiology not the
environmental stuff you see what I’m saying so they’re related to factors of
the nursing diagnosis should be something that’s related to the
pathophysiology or the underlying condition whatever is going on with them
so that is that section this in this in your nursing care plan book textbook it
will actually help you with that because that’s probably the probably one of the
toughest parts of care plans that I see I don’t know I know that a lot of
students lose points on that related to factor because it really needs to be
that kind of deep critical thinking of what is going on with your specific
patient that’s causing all these things to happen so that is that related to
factor so this even like that little tip right there they’re related to for this
book is super important and this book will help walk you through that as well
so let’s keep working with anxiety here um the next section in this book is that
it um see the outcomes can you see that yeah outcomes so it’s actually it keeps
going on to the next page so client outcomes
these are possible outcomes possible goals that you could write for your
patient I just can’t even with this textbook I so wish I had known this
earlier because you guys we stress and we like nursing school turmoil and
you’re like in it and you’re stressed and you’re anxious and your head anxiety
and you’ve got so much going on and then you have all these care planes on top of
it it is hard to think of possible goals for your patient and to get them written
the the right way that your instructors want that whole SMART goal thing it’s
not all situation so this book actually walks you through a lot of possible
patient outcomes patient goals that your patient most likely would want to
achieve and that we would want them to achieve as well so let’s see for anxiety
I’ll just give you an example so for anxiety here identify and verbalize
symptoms of anxiety that’s amazing so for your patients with anxiety that
would be a goal you know having them actually verbalize their symptoms of
anxiety and how they’re feeling like that’s a great goal for any psychiatric
disorder that you you might be dealing with with your patients so there’s so
those are the client outcomes client will statements and you guys actually
shouldn’t mention that I do have a whole video that will be coming out on YouTube
very soon all about writing care plans again so I’m gonna give you some of my
best tips for that and we’re really actually diving into how to write
patient goals and they’re related to factors again so I’m gonna be talking
about that again so definitely check that video out now the next section of
this care plan book is probably I keep saying that all of these are the best
but I think that this is where this one right here is what we’ll just I don’t
know pay for the book I mean really like with the time you save with this one
here and what is it nursing interventions dun dun dun dun
yep nursing interventions because especially new nursing students it’s so
hard because you have no idea no idea what you’re supposed to do right you’re
like going to clinical and I’m like standing in the middle of the hallway
just looking around like nobody knows if they’re supposed to do nursing school
right so having a whole list of nursing interventions is going to save your life
so that is all in this book so you literally when you sit down to write
your nursing care plan you went you had already assessed your patient you have
all of the data written now everything that you need now you’re sitting at your
desk to write your care plan you whip out this book and it literally almost
rates it for you so you go down the list you you check um you kind of think in
your mind like okay what disorders can I use and then you go through those
disorders and you look at the definition you say okay this one fits this one fits
this one fits perfect then you go through the defining characteristics
okay you know signs and symptoms of what you saw with your patient boom put those
in your care plan what their goals should be the related to factors and the
interventions oh and did I mention the interventions actually have rationales
in this book in the book it’s all they’re all there it’s pretty incredible
oh and I completely forgot to see on the front cover
it actually has all of the nanda nursing diagnoses this is this is a big question
that I get an email people emailing me where can they get the whole list of
nanda nursing diagnoses these are the standardized nursing diagnoses and my
friend my friend here is the answer in the book and the book it’s all in the
book for you written science sealed delivered in the book so all you gotta
do is flip the front cover and bam they’re all there can you see that all
of them so I hope that helps there you go
that is why best nursing school care plan hack is to use these books this
book here is my favorite the nursing diagnosis handbook by Ackley and Ladwig
again this is the 10th edition I think there is a newer one and check first
though if your school didn’t provide your I know your school doesn’t provide
textbooks for you if they did that would be amazing
alright but if your school required you to buy a carry playing book and you
already maybe you’ve bought it but you forget
that you bought it so check your textbooks first I know they can become a
slippery little suckers so if it’s buried under a pile of clothes somewhere
pull that care plan book out and see if it’s similar to what we’ve got going on
here if it’s not though if this one is cooler than yours get this one because
it literally girlfriend literally will save you hours I don’t know how I lived
without it I just don’t know I remember writing my first care plan and it was a
partner activity and get this guy’s get this it was on constipation constipation
yeah that was fun and I’m pretty sure if I remember her I’m pretty sure we met
about it like me and my partner because it was a two-person deal we were buddied
up for this first care plan pretty sure we met maybe four times and oh it took
us hours it took us hours to rate this care plan on constipation you guys Oh
care plans in nursing school let’s just let’s just have a moment for that all
right so I hope that helps I will put a link to this video or to this video to
this book in the comments below after this video and that will be an affiliate
link actually I do have an affiliate link for Amazon so just a little
disclaimer there if you do choose to purchase do that link I will get a small
Commission so I appreciate your support with that if you
don’t want to buy through that link that don’t no big deal I still want you to
get the book because it’s amazing so you can just search it on Amazon nursing
diagnosis handbook by Ackley and Ludwig or you can use the link I’ll put it in
the description below or in the comments below gosh you guys I’m so used to
YouTube in the description below and OK in the comments below I’ll put that link
to this care plane book and I hope that helps if you have any questions any
questions on care planes we actually do okay so a couple things I do have a care
plane video coming out on YouTube very soon I just have been thinking thinking
about it it’s gonna go over the the goals so how to write care plane goals
and it’s also gonna dive a little bit deeper into the related to how to create
a related to you know kind of that um what I want to call it category of the
nursing diagnosis so you’re kind of p/es statement that etiology part that
related to part so I know that’s a tough kind of a sticking point for nursing
students so that videos gonna help and then also if you are not a nursing SOS
member we do have a full care plane course inside the membership community
and I’ve actually got full plug-and-play care plans in there too so our students
have had it’s just such great success with those and with that course I’m
sorry it’s just it’s incredible I’m so glad that they’ve had so much success
that’s what I’m here for is for you to be successful in nursing school so like
I said if you have any questions you know let me know you can’t actually do
this Facebook a DM I don’t know so DM me on Facebook or on Instagram or you can
email me anytime I am around so here to help I hope you guys have a beautiful
rest of your week and weekend and a new video will be popping up on YouTube
tomorrow for Thursday so I will see you then take care you guys bye um game
changer right holy moly I just really couldn’t
without this book in nursing school so I hope you found this video helpful and I
hope that you will snag in this book right away if you think that it will be
super helpful for you to in nursing school and if you liked this video make
sure that you write love in the comments below and of course like us on Facebook
so you can catch all of our other Facebook lives if that’s something that
would be helpful for you thank you so much for watching friend now go become
the nurse that God created only you to be and I will see you right back here
next time on the nursing school show take care
For more infomation >> HOW TO WRITE CARE PLANS (MY #1 RESOURCE) – Duration: 17:52.
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