GPS SmartSole Review – This GPS Tracker Could Save the Life of Someone who Wanders

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GPS SmartSole ReviewThe GPS SmartSole Review

The GPS SmartSole is the culmination of research and development performed over a 12 year period by GTX Corp. The advancements made in miniaturization and reduced power consumption have made this amazing and potentially life saving product possible.

They are now, for the first time, available to the public and this is my GPS SmartSole review.

What is the GPS SmartSole?

The GPS SmartSole is a simple insole, like the ones from Dr. Scholl, but with a miniature GPS tracking device embedded in it. They are sold in pairs but only one of them has the GPS tracker in it. It’s the smart one.

GPS SmartSoles are worn in a shoe just like any other insole and the wearer of the shoe with the SmartSole in it can be tracked and located via GPS, or the Global Positioning System. GPS tracking is accurate to within 3 meters or approximately 10 feet.

How Does the GPS SmartSole Work?

The GPS SmartSole uses both GPS and Cellular communications networks to transmit the location of the insole, and presumably the wearer, to a central monitoring system. The central monitoring system is connected to the Internet and is accessible by authorized individuals through a proprietary secure, encrypted World Wide Web Portal also developed and maintained by GTX Corp.

Any individual authorized to access the portal can check the location of the SmartSole, and the person wearing them, at anytime by logging in to the portal and viewing a Google Map display with the current and previous locations of the insoles pinpointed on the display.

There are also iPhone and Android apps for monitoring the SmartSoles via the Portal.

Additionally geo zones can be established which can be considered Safe Zones for the wearer of the devices. If the GPS SmartSole leaves the Geo, or Safe, Zone anyone who is authorized to monitor the individual wearing them will be notified by text message or email immediately.

Geo, or Safe Zones are defined by accessing the Portal and “Drawing” a perimeter around the are considered safe by the person responsible for, or concerned about, the individual SmartSole wearer. According to FOX News a Geo Zone “..can be the size of a yard, two blocks or two miles.” It depends on the needs of the individual.GPS SmartSole with Wireless Charger

The insole with the GPS tracker in it also has a miniature rechargeable battery in it. According to the official FAQ on the battery charging requirements; “Depending on usage and reporting frequency, they can last between 2-3 days on a single charge.”

The battery is recharged wirelessly using a charging pad supplied with your purchase.

Who are the GPS SmartSoles For?

According to the company the SmartSoles were developed with Alzheimer’s patients who wander in mind. According to statistics Alzheimer’s sufferers that wander are very likely to die if they are not found with in a few hours.

Based on my GPS SmartSole review, it seems obvious to me that there are a lot more people than just Alzheimer’s patients that really need this product.

  • Anyone with any form of dementia
  • Autistic people of all ages
  • People who travel into dangerous places like reporters and Missionaries
  • Firefighters, especially those that fight Forrest fires

There are a ton more that I can think of just off the top of my head but I’ll stop there. I don’t want to give any bad guys a heads up…

In short, anyone that might be in any situation where their location would be important for someone else to know on demand.

That’s a lot of people. I hope the company can keep up with the need for their GPS SmartSoles because nobody else will be making them since they are patented.

How can You Buy GPS SmartSoles now? Here is the Link.

GPS SmartSole Review Summary

After investigating the GPS SmartSole I have to conclude that this is quite possibly the greatest adaptation of old and new technology to bring to market a truly revolutionary device. If you consider that we can now monitor the whereabouts of people that need care or oversight due to an affliction or a high risk occupation, hobby or avocation, with a simple device that slips into a shoe you have to admit it is an amazing world we live in.

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