We offer or manage three Affiliate programs.

DynamicMarkets Mobile Web Design and Develpoment:
Code Amber's Dynamic Markets Mobile Web Site Development service is geared toward small to medium businesses that want to connect with their local market. The future of customer engagement is the Mobile Web.

Pays 40% Commissions per sale. That's up to $199.60 per sale.
Enhanced commissions and bonuses available for top producers.

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Code Amber Alertag:
Pays up to 30% commissions monthly. The Alertags are sold on a subscription basis with payments available monthly or annually.

The recurring billing of the subscriptions provides a predictable monthly residual income from your personal sales and the sales of your referred agents up to 7 levels.

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AlertID and Code Amber are Partners in Proactive Safety Initiatives for Everyone

Marc Klaas endorses Code Amber.

With over 2000 missing children reported each
day, fewer than 1 of those children meet
the strict criteria for an Amber Alert.

Advocates for missing children would like to see all cases get the attention that high-profile incidents receive, but the vast majority of abduction cases go relatively unnoticed.