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Sex Offender Registries by State
Links to searchable registries by state.

Child Recovery International's Agents are here to assist you. We've got the elite intelligence & investigative staff you need to move forward effectively, not waste precious time and resources to effectively locate and bring your child home. Highly recommended by Code Amber.

Need help collecting back child support? Hunting fugitives for decades, we are the leading recovery agency for fugitive warrants and now Deadbeat Parents.

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Updates for recent Amber Alerts and Amber Alerts that have not been canceled.

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KlassKids Foundation
Klaaskids, founded by Polly Klaas' father Marc, is dedicated to stoping crimes against children.

Texas Equusearch
Mounted Search and Recovery Team

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Patrick Bertagna GTX Corp CEO on the Peggy Smedley Show

GTXCorp - With You
The leader in PLS technology building better people finders.

With over 2000 missing children reported each day, less than 1 of those children meet the strict criteria for an Amber Alert.

AlertID and Code Amber are Partners in Proactive Safety Initiatives for Everyone