January 31, 2015

Code Amber 2015 – A New Focus The Code Amber Attention Bar

Code Amber has made some major changes to several areas of our operations. After over 12 Years, it is time for a new look and a new focus.

Code Amber Ticker Changes – Please Read

The original Code Amber Tickers have been changed to the Floating Bar you see at the top of this page. You do not have to change anything for your web site to display this new Attention Bar.. In fact, you probably got to this page by clicking the announcement button in the Attention Bar. To remove the Attention Bar from your web site simply remove the old Code Amber Ticker Code.

The New Attention Bar Links to the Code Amber Blog

The Code Amber Blog has been around for years, you have probably seen it. You can check it out by clicking here. The Code Amber Blog is updated every few hours with the latest news videos for missing and at risk children and adults. You will also find other stories about children’s issues. Please visit the Blog often and also let us know how you like it and what we can do to make it better.

You can add the new Code Amber Attention Bar to any web site by copying the following code and placing it anywhere is the HTML of your web pages.

The Attention Bar will always load at the top of the browser window and will never overlay or obscure your web site.

The Code Amber Attention Bar can display up to five notices. Some of the notices will be for our new, additional focus on personal safety and self defense products and information. We will also, from time to time, put additional links to other interesting things in the Attention Bar.

Self Defense Training for Women We will be reviewing products providing tips and information to help you and your family stay safe and in ever more dangerous world.

We will have everything you need to stay informed and provide security and safety for yourself and everyone around you. Our direction is to move from reaction to prevention in the area of personal safety.

If you are looking for the old Code Amber site you can access it by Clicking Here.