January 31, 2015

Krav Maga Training Course

Krav Maga Training Course Online


What is Krav Maga Training

Krav Maga is a self defense methodology and techniques that were developed by the Israeli military. It teaches you specific moves and techniques to overcome an attacker and reduce the effects of physical violence immediately. It isn’t really a standard martial art due to the fact that its sole function is self-defense, not the practice of fighting.

This Krav Maga Training Course includes everything you need to become proficient in Krav Maga: videos, mp3 files and an extensive e-book.

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Each video starts with a slide explaining the steps you will learn in the video. Each video comes both in normal speed and slow motion, with narration in the background that direct you in exactly what you need to do– making it very simple to learn.

The extensive e-book provides detailed descriptions, accompanied by photos, that magnificently catch and show each and every step. The e-book, and its images, are a detailed overview of the specific steps that appear in the videos. Mp3 files provide the narrative for each. You can pay attention to the them while reading the ebook or while driving in your vehicle.

Together, these 3 media types cover a variety of of self-learning strategies that make it simple to learn and visualize each of the self defense moves.

The Interactive Krav Maga Training course is divided into 6 stages

In phasKrav Maga Traininges one and two you will learn Krav Maga Basics including special techniques to strike with your hands and deliver kicks – foundational skills for effective self defense.

In phase three you will learn how to defend against hand strikes.

In phase four you will learn how to defend against releases.

In phase five you will learn how to defend against a stick.

In phase six you will learn how to defend against a knife.

In phase seven you will learn how to defend against kicks.

All the Krav Maga Training Techniques you will learn include counter-attacks

This online course is reasonably low-cost, much more so when you consider the value you will certainly realize.

This is a very extreme course that will certainly give you confidence anywhere. Have a look at our recommended Krav Maga Training course right here. You will not be disappointed.