How to Pass Your Driving Test

How to Pass Your Driving Test How to Pass Your Driving Test

Do you want to know how to pass your driving test for sure?

I have just finished reviewing the best pre-driving test course I have ever seen.

You are sure to pass your test if you just do some light studying and follow the guide.

Pass Your Driving Test is the culmination of everything learned about passing your driving test the very first time. It covers absolutely everything you need to know, and nothing extra. This does not cover the written driving test questions, they are mostly different from stat to state.

This course is only to prepare you with everything you need to know, just how to pass Driver’s Road Test. No driving test questions, just driving correctly and safely without worrying or being nervous. How to pass your driving test

  • The 10 basic elements inside a car which you must be familiar with in order to know how to pass your driving test. It’s so easy to slip up on one of these simple things and BAM! You’ve failed.
  • Tips to Pass Driving Test and Exactly WHY mirrors are so important, and how you should use them during maneuvers like changing lanes to  demonstrate to your examiner that you are a safe driver and know how to pass driving test.
  • How to control your speed effectively and easily, and 3 speed control skills that will make you look like a professional chauffeur.
  • The different types of intersection you might come across in your exam, and how to smoothly and calmly handle them all without hesitation, step by step. Be prepared for these and they won’t trip you up or slow you down.
  • How to handle roundabouts, traffic lights and road crossings with ease. There are a few “idiot proof” rules when it comes to how to pass driving test, and once you know them you’ll wonder why you ever found them difficult at all!
  • All the various circumstances you might encounter when turning left or right, and exactly how you should approach each one. There are a few subtle differences which can immediately fail your test if you’re not aware of them.
  • Why it’s vital that you pay attention to the type of road you’re driving on, and how it might affect your test. If you don’t know what to expect, you might get a nasty surprise and fail!
  • How to park safely and quickly in the smallest of spaces. Plus, how to choose which of the 4 types of parking for the situation you’re in, Execute even the most complex parking maneuver without fault.
  • Find out what to do in special conditions like poor visibility, poor weather or on dangerous roads. Many learners don’t experience these conditions during their lessons, so you’ll be prepared for anything in your test! You will know how to pass your road test.
  • Practical Driving Test Tips. These will help you pass your test the first time.
  • The one single ultra important thing you should do on the day before your test to be sure you know how to pass driving test. So many people skip this and fail because of it. Don’t make the same mistake!
  • What to do on the day of the test, and during the test itself to give yourself the best chance of passing, including a list of things you should absolutely NOT do. These quick and simple rules are easy to follow and can make a HUGE difference to your results.
  • Exactly when your test ends – I’ve heard some horror stories about people who thought their test was over before it actually was. They failed because they didn’t know they were still being tested!
  • Dozens of “Hot Exam Tips” spread throughout the book, highlighting vital nuggets of information for your exam. These are worth their weight in gold!
  • The specific criteria examiners are looking for. If you give your examiner what he (or she) wants, you’ll get what you want: a license!
  • Tips for Drivers Test. A set of practical test exercises to practice with your instructor to prepare you for your big day. You will know how to pass your driving test!
  • And much, MUCH more plus practical test advice and information, including examples from my own test and how I used my skills and knowledge to overcome difficult situations and pass first time.

Remember, this is not a How to Pass the Driving Exam for the written test. This is a 70 page book on how to pass your driving test, behind the wheel, not driving test questions for the written test. Once you read this guide you will be ready for your test.

How to pass your driving testIt includes full color pictures and complete explanations of all aspects of your driving test, plus what to look out for during the test and what you should do before the test to prepare and give yourself the best chance and know how to pass your driving test the first time.


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