Personal Safety



The RelyEon Watch REPT201 is a wearable technology gadget that is designed to appeal to kids. A range of colours as well as creative looks, make them both functional and trendy. Parents can be mindful at all times of their youngster’s whereabouts with real-time location information that can be accessed on any kind of tablet computer, smart device or computer.

– A safe, mobile GPS tracker
– Location information can be seen on smartphone, tablet computer or PC
– SOS (Panic) Button for immediate aid

Touch Screen Watch:

The RelyEon Watch (Touchscreen) REPT202 is a sophisticated wearable innovation with first-rate GPS technology that can be accessed easily in a variety of means. The advantage of this item lies in its double performance, it is both trustworthy and stylish for understanding where your loved ones are.

– A secure, mobile GPS tracker with touchscreen capabilities
– Location data can be seen on computer, smart device or tablet computer
– SOS (Panic) Button for instantaneous assistance