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How to Do an Ear Clap | Self-Defense

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So currently we’re going to talk concerning ways to perform an ear clap.

I understand it seems foolish however it has its strategy, but its basically you have to cup your hand, however be careful of not touch with your fingers, so that’s why you need a partner. In the start you require to make certain that when your push, in this instance we’re gon na use the shoulder, you mug your hand you do not touch with your fingers.

She exercised, Now she exercised once again, she does it again. Nice. Currently, in this instance, you could use it 2 ways.

Visualize that its going to go her ear, as well as currently I’m gon na exercise with her shoulder, like this, fine? Like this, extremely fast, boom, that is a genuine target. I simply desire to utilize that in this instance.

As well as the 2nd choice is a powerful technique. I want to move he to one side to punch with the various other, so I slap, as well as I punch. I hit her, she will move to the side, and also I will punch, it does not matter if she covers herself, also if she covers, boom, I relocate her to the side, boom, and I will punch her. Okay?

That’s exactly how you typically do the ear slap in a self defense scenario.