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How to Use a Tactical Pen for Self-Defense

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In this video, we demonstrate ways to use a tactical pen for self-defense purposes.

With all the negative things taking place lately throughout the world, no surprise why many private citizens are aiming to far better secure themselves.

A terrific way to do that, is to discover the best ways to efficiently utilize a tactical pen. There are many tactical pens on the market that are rather efficient for protection. We picked one that in fact is an actual pen but also has sharp as well as powerful sides, that could produce substantial damage to an assailant.

If you’re struck strongly and also obtain an opportunity to take out your tactical pen during an altercation, you could use it in a hammer hand motion to rake the face of your attacker and also terminate the danger.

On the various other hand, if you feel a person is preparing to attack you, you could also use a tactical to protect on your own from imminent risk.

An excellent method to do that because specific scenario, is to embrace a passive and also natural stance with your arms went across. The tactical pen could be concealed in the rear of your arms. In this setting, you’re prepared to eliminate back in case things turn bad and you require to resist.

Fact is, you never ever recognize when as well as where you can get assaulted … So be prepared as well as get your tactical pen today!

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How you can Use a Tactical Pen.

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